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Why are you on this on the golf channel. i told my close friends. I'd be caddying I didn't i didn't want to jinx anything or you know like Do anything that would you know run. Run my karma the wrong way by telling a bunch of people but my close friends. I was like yeah. Look look young channel Yeah ninety degree weather for seven days or whatever it was i did hit the hundred mile mark With my my apple watch so there's a lot of steps But i think the energy and just the excitement for me was kept me going just fine. You felt good. I was wearing my long black socks because my phillies. Just so i can have a little bit extra compression on my right side But it was. I would i would. I would have done it back to back again. i would. I would go out there and do thirty six again with her any day you i was it was it was just so enjoyable and watch to watch all that amazing play like every single girl. There in that tournament is so good When you talk about all these girls that weren't matchplay who are top one thousand players in the world and maybe that doesn't sound as impressive to people that don't really play and follow golf as closely as you know you and i and and some others but to be a top thousand in world amateur ranking of anything is absolutely incredible. And i mean do you. Are you mean it means you're the real deal essentially Street dow. I just think that years from now. Then when you're old you will have whatever you do. As a golfer you'll have this memory of having caddied in a usda event for the eventual winner. And what it michael. What did you say that that maybe in a couple of years she turns pro. What if she gives you a call and says doug john the bag i want you to be a professional caddy to do it or you. Don't do it a question. I've been asked many times. It's it's seriously something. I would have to very like sit down and consider because you know a bunch of people that know women's golf and you know the pga have have said to me like you know she is. She is going to be a top ten talent You know if if the trajectory says the same and you know no aberrations occur in her life she's gonna be winning. Lpga events regularly I would have. Yeah it'd be a it'd be a conversation have to seriously. Have you know my wife and my family. But i think there'll be one of those opportunities should it occur you know knock on wood That would be just one of those things where i might have to do. It might have to try it out. i think it'd be just an incredible experience at least for some time. And hey if if she's the real deal then it could be super fun much we. We're all so happy for you. I mean we just think it's great to have you on tv. Great that you on that bag in great that Thank you doug talk to you thank you everyone. Doug peterson in you. Know a small a small little parcel of fame to call his own through luck right. Michael was the last time you caddied. Oh it's been a few. It's been a few years but you have a you have a. Us shaven vent that went to a rain delay. And he's now part of one of the more memorable walk-off moments where where she sitting there hits the stiff. You hear doug talking her off of a club that would potentially bring more holes. You know we talked about getting into the other side of the tracks play. And he's sitting there with with the hal sutton moment going beat right and it bangs off the stick and it lands about eight feet away. It's elvis tournaments over right there. You know so. It was really really wonderful So we devoted the open to that. And i'm happy to have done that. Because i talked about the junior girls tournament for a while on the show. We will be back to doing at least three a week. Maybe more for the next month or so. We'll hopefully get in studio hopefully get into the wma studios soon. Which would be nice I took last week. The last we did the show a couple of times from rehoboth. We were out there. How did very celebration. Yes right my birthday is the same as the hammers birthday. He got all the balloons. I wasn't jealous cake. I got a cake. Elizabeth elizabeth made him a cake and made me accounts dinosaur k. I did not get a dinosaur cake. I also need to do this from brian. Hoyt we played the accordion version of the mail. Bag last week and brian didn't even give his wife's name and sheep by the accordion said. Thanks for playing my wife. Kelly victimhood song a second time for the second time. You rightfully called me an idiot. If you can read this and save me. I would appreciate it also plays with the northwest. Accordion airs orchestra. So thank you that. Thank you to brian for that Yeah i mean. I went out there. I watched some of it. It was and i've said this before. And i know michael felt the same way to see an and then on television to see the place where you play all the time on television and to hear all these lovely compliments from the people in the golf channel or peacock the day before talking about columbia country club was really it. It just looked great. It was you swell with pride that you don't expect to have right you don't expect and then you're looking at the coverage in your picking your like you know there's dr duke i see him. He's the medical and whitey sitting with henry the losure in a cart. Yes in the shade. Yes it just was. I remember the socialite telling me this last year one woodmen hosted the junior not junior. The women's am and he said you see your course on tv. Go out there and you go. Wow this is so great i. This is the second time for us. They had the boys junior in two thousand three eighteen years. Later at the centennial celebration of columbia hosting the united states open. They had this. I don't know if it'll happen again in my lifetime but it was. It was really cool right. I mean i don't know what else you can say. No and you look at the trajectory that you will expect to see for many of these players and we're watching the british open the open championship. And we see brian harman. Who won top of the leaderboard and keep going back and you go. This is what you can expect to see from from bailey who who was playing for a lot of history on her own and was just the most poised young woman if you listen to her straight intergrate smile. And yes with rosen. you get. She's gonna you get these small stories where she's having so the. Us jay gives the finalist lunch in between the morning in the afternoon round and she had the same chef who made her lunch at woodmen a year ago and has the same sam and broccoli lunch. Oh that's great. That's great so and you talked to her dad right ice so this quiet moment where i went out. I was watching the quarters so this is pretty early on the twelfth tea. Which is you're you're pretty far back away from the fairway and i sneak a photo. Not sure if i'm supposed to. I sneak a photo of doug with the us j. placard behind him and rose you know talking over line. You're looking at the white building in the distance. And i get a photo. And and this this man.

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