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Sitting up in the rock, pile and all I could do with my binoculars was staring the prince. I'm. Depressed about that. Like. Yes. Oh, I know. It's the worst is absolutely the worst. Yeah. I mean that's that's why all these ball players go into radical depression on Sunday. They have one hundred thousand people rooting for them. And then next year later, they got to sell cars or something, right? Horrible. Our live on. KFI AM. Angeles Orange County radio station guilty. I'm Erin bender live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. A jury seven Dino has convicted, Charles merit of four counts of money driven first degree murder in the two thousand ten killings of Joseph McStay and his family. The jury was asked to consider whether there were special circumstances. Charged in count one two three and four are a special circumstance within the meaning of penal code section one ninety point to a three to be true narrowed could get the death penalty. The sentencing phase starts tomorrow. Some illegal immigrants could soon. Get full healthcare covered new deal. Adults ages nine thousand nine hundred twenty five hundred living in the state illegally would be eligible for California's Medicaid program, as well as state and federal health insurance programs for disabled and low income residents the plan for that group alone, which is about thirty thousand people would cost taxpayers nearly ninety eight million dollars a year. Republicans oppose it, saying it, it be fair to people living here, legally to have to foot, the Bill, but Democrats say, the move is to make sure everyone in California has health insurance. The legislature is expected to approve the deal this week, Monica Rix, KFI news to schools in Santa Monica have been vandalized, John Muir elementary in Santa Monica, alternative school house were flooded over the weekend furniture and technology equipment were destroyed. Paint thrown around windows broken this teacher tells KTLA her classroom, which was one of those hit is like home for her students students have been in there for three years. And this is not the first time the school has been vandalized, and things have been destroyed. So for them to keep seeing their school vandalize and target, it's really hard for them. I'm sure you're elementary says it's trying to get as much of the campus cleaned up as possible before the fifth grade aggression graduation ceremony, a man from South America with a severe case of elephant man's disease traveled to Orange County for treatment. The rare genetic disorder neurofibromatosis hit Enrica Galvin when he was five with large heavy tumors growing all over his body speaking through an interpreter Galvin says it was hard as child, Jay. A lot of discrimination. But after surgeon spent eight hours, removing six pounds of flesh, I feel like a brand new person, I have more strength to keep going. The surgery was donated after a UCI doctor on a medical mission realized Galvin couldn't be safely treated in Paraguay at UC Irvine medical center corporate Carson KFI her busy on the sixty. This activity continues.

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