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Toll free number is well for you to leave us your reflections on the John and Kensho nomination. 887780 for Fame. That's 877 NATO for 3 to 63 We're just talking about all the prisoners being released from California state prisons were now at the lowest prison population in 30 years. Because under the guy we told you, this is the beginning of the pandemic that they would use his pandemic to achieve some of their social goal. Oh, yeah, don't includes prisoner dumping. Yeah, and they just they just lied, And that's why you never ever accept. Any of these ideas, no matter how they present them to Mitya, what promises they make? Now you have a woman who did a terrible murder and she had 64 years left on her sentence. And she's only 44. Prisoners at high risk. As long as they're not convicted of a violent crime. She got convicted of first degree murder. Shot a guy in the abdomen and let him blood to let him bleed to death. Stuff him in a trunk of a car drove him for 750 miles. Why It's astonishing. And you know why? And whoever made this decision there name isn't in the in the story. No, it's just California Department corrections. Yeah, but there's no name. No, there's no official saying, I'm the one who released this, this murderous woman. Newsome stock would be held accountable. There's not one single reporter was even going to be aware of this story. Course not. We've got it from a lister, who ran it Sought in daily wire is the only place you'll see a story like that reported, And now they're worried. This is a story The El Segundo Times did. All the by the way 8000 inmates by the end of August, thousands more after that they might be coming to communities with covert 19. It says here that local authorities air getting little notice. There's no transportation. There's no plan quarantine housing. There's no clear indication that the people they're dumping from the state prisons are virus free, so like, well, we don't need that, do we? They're violent and they have the virus, and then they got nowhere to go. And they have no job. They have no job. Even if even if they did have a job, you're not going to be able to get through the unemployment. Why are you So the lease on the street committing crimes and spreading the virus. Lassen County is director of Health and Social Services. Barbara Long Go Wrote a letter to the California department. Corrections says you know, before you let these guys out, you better hold him for 14 days and test um because, she said, we had an inmate who visited with another free prisoner while quarantined in a local hotel. We do not know how many times that we left his room to go out. However, his to test did come back positive 10 days after his release. So this is actually happening. It's like, Oh, great, at least if you keep him in the president's gonna covert 19 there, but how you release him to the communities, And here's this stupid thing they did, and again, nobody's being held accountable for this. They had 121 inmates with the virus in Chino. They moved them to San Quentin. Now it's it's attacked 2000 prisoners in San Quentin 2000. They went from 1 21 to 2000 and killed 19 inmates, including 11 on death row. And I'm not morning. Any of them. But This is how stupid they are. They went out of their way and killed in second farm or people that if they had let these people just stay where they are. Remember, the first dumb thing they did was they transferred some prisoners from one prison of San Quentin, and that's what led to the outbreak. Remember that, Gary? Listen to this. Michael Kirkpatrick, 62. Had been deemed suitable for parole. He was released from San Quentin on July 13th. They drove him to a San Francisco hotel, the quarantine, and he said, Well, we were asked to stay in single rooms, but few of us did somewhere just walking around San Francisco while still awaiting results of covert 19 taste tests. Taken the day they were released. Well, that's what one of the prisoners and lasting county did. They put him in a local hotel and the director of Health and Social Services said is to test came back positive. 10 days after his release. We don't know how many times he left his room to go out. Her, Patrick says, Well, the person the front desk of the hotel is not going to tell you not to go anywhere, and he said he received no temperature checks during his quarantine, and he have a couple of inmates had to go on their own to a county public health office and get tested. You were only supposed to stay. In your room. And if they knocked on your door, they brought you food. But nobody stayed waiting for the food. They went out wandering around. This is this is Gavin Newsom's prison system. There's another inmate by the name of Joe Anderson, who got released from the California institution for men. And he said, Well, they checked my temperature. That was about it. So I went to a dollar tree in a Wal Mart. Before the county Health department found out about me and they sent me in for a Corona virus tests five days after he got out the test was positive. The probation department asked him in a polite but Stern way to take a free room at the local best Western. For 14 days. This was his best Western wear..

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