Wendy King, United States, South Korea discussed on America's Morning News


The nation's news breaks plenty to talk about today it's thirty five minutes past the hour good morning i'm wendy king the united states and south korea conducted a ballistic missile drill following the lives of what north korea has claimed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile from the fourth of july the allies launched the south koreandeveloped missile into the ec known as the sea of japan seoul's joint chiefs of staff also released the image of a strategic weapon on wednesday that are to be used in potential decapitation operations to remove the north korean leadership according to news this but south korea's defense ministry remained cautious in confirming north korea's claim of a successful icbm test north korea cl claimed the missile reached an altitude of one thousand seven hundred and thirty one miles and that the projectile flew five hundred eighty miles for nearly forty minutes defense minister hannemann koop told a south korean parliamentary committee on wednesday that pyongyang's have not entirely achieved atmospheric entry of a missile equipped with a large nuclear warhead contrary to north korean claims in the final days of the battle for muscle tensions have escalated as suicide bombings carried out mostly by women putting among groups of civilians target iraqi forces closing in on the last few hundred square meters of territory that the islamic state controls at at least one such attack struck on wednesday at a screening center security forces detained boys as young as fourteen that they accused of belonging to the islamic state and barred the elderly and sick from stopping to rest during the difficult journey out of the wartorn district many civilians are still believed to be trapped in the islamic state run on clay with about 1500 fleeing with every one hundred meters advance by iraqi forces those that are emerging from the.

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