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It is who makes it ultimately. Let me me by it right now. They won't let the by it and thereby buttons Google's going to have their buy buttons so I think that's the future of search. It'll be much much more intelligent but also more useful we're going we see more. No click results Google. But that's a good thing when you have a no quick results like what's the weather today three years ago. You want to know what the weather was you google. What's the weather Raleigh? And then you had to click into like CBS News and you had to click today only and then it would tell you after you wash the video. Now you Google just tells you so. I think we're going to see more and more of that because it's useful and then from from there you'll do more searches because that's ultimately what we want so future of search. They'll just be more waste search. I don't think we've always putting devices in our houses route for us to search not to. They're putting devices sir houses not because they just want to give us another way to play music they want us to do more searches so landscape. A search will change the way we're going to do search change and things will get from search will change. You may be able to say okay. Google what's What's the price of laundry detergent and Google? Say It's going to be at your door in two hours so ultimately I think that's where they wanna go. Well thank you for coming on the show. Today it's great to be here. Thanks for having me It's Allen again. Marketing today was created and produced by me. If you're new to marketing today please feel free to write us a review on itunes or. Oh your baby listening platform. Don't forget to subscribe. Tell your friends and colleagues about the show. I love to hear from listeners. And you can contact me at marketing today. PODCASTS DOT COM there. You'll also find complete show notes links to anything we talk about on any up. You can also search archives. I'm Alan Heart and this is marketing. Today's podcast is brought to you by audible. You you can get a free audio download and Thirty Day free trial at audible trial dot com slash. Alan and Alan is spelled A.. L. A. and for those that don't know again audible trial dot com slash Allen..

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