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Through the can again through a can to get today aims but the we would have to hang things high but our house was like just because we were there poor but our house was like you could eat off the floor clean but rats decided we can come take their stuff you know so we're we're was this lackawanna new york mets and whereas lackawanna mixed above lower i could spit the buffalo for miles in ten minutes and downtown buffalo and so you said the people around recognized that you were smart 'cause i think this is one of the the really hard things is um to have this sense of possibility for yourself when you go to school if people are like you said the called you have or if they didn't recognize how did how did you start to believe we'll wait i'm i am smart dose people in a room and how they just told you i was there hope all the wishes and dreams that they had had a new that were impossible they thrust upon me how old were you when you realize that it was all different that you were living a life there was different from most be uh about about five years old because at the time nanny we call nettie rich crosby woman who who's like one of those about had at that time four boys from different women who couldn't raise their kids and we were all there together in we all would being raised together and but the other kids mothers came to get them and i stayed in so through my whole life till i left to go to college no telling who would be there were monthonmonth weektoweek year to year whose parents couldn't raise them so i always had other people there with me and and is she who gave you this tremendous sense of purpose and and self that you have because i mean that's one of the things i noticed right from when uh when i first met you which was i i think right around the time lackawanna was happening that year maybe the year after when you're coaching um your sense of purpose in self in everything that you do you don't do anything halfway you're fully in had were you always like that yes because i always i was always on.

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