Mike Flynn, Prosecutor, Van Greg discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


That was the reason why. Prosecutor van Greg. Yes. Your honor the judge, and I said early on don't read too much into the questions I ask. But I'm not suggesting he committed treason. I just asked a legitimate question. Then Greg the prosecutor, yes, you're on her. And that affords us an opportunity to clarify something on our end, which is with respect to treason. I said I wanted to make sure I had the statute in front of me. The government has no reason to believe that the defendant committed treason. Which means today was the day in US history. When the prosecutors had to go and check the statute in writing at the judges suggestion, so they could return to court and averred that no they're not planning on charging, the president's first national security adviser with treason, but thank you your honor for the suggestion. And you know, what it's actually pretty good to have looked it up. Now, there's one other thing that the judge walked back after that same recess today. You will recall that as Flynn stood before the judge today, the judge made some pretty it's indelible unforgettable statements about Flynn telling him not only did you lie to the FBI. But she lied to senior officials. You lied to the FBI about three different topics. You made those false statements while you were serving as the national security adviser. The president of the United States is most senior national security aide, two months later again, you made false statements and multiple documents filed pursuant to the foreign agents registration act. So the judge says the judge thunders in the courtroom, so all along you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security advisor to the president of the United States, the judge continues. I mean, arguably that undermines everything this flag over here. Stands for points at the flash. Arguably the judge says you soldier? Country out. I am not hiding my disgust disdain for this criminal offense. So the judge says that before the recess obviously a very dramatic moment. After the recess. The judge walked back. Something specific about the timing. Relative to that claim he's making about Mike Flynn. This is what the judge says, quote, this is directed to either government council or defense counsel. I made a statement about Mr Flynn acting as a foreign agent while serving in the White House. I may have misspoken does that need to be corrected the stir van Greg the prosecutor. Yes, your honor. That would be correct. Which is that the conduct ended. I believe in mid November twenty sixteen the judge. All right. That's what I thought. And I felt terrible about that. I just want the record clear on that you agree with that counsel, Mr. Kellner for the defense. Yes. Your honor? So the judge feels terrible. He says about saying that Mike Flynn was an unregistered agent of a foreign power while he was serving as national security advisor in the White House. He confers with prosecutors to say I was mistaken on that. Right. Prosecutors say yeah. His work as an unregistered foreign agent actually ended before Trump was sworn in ended in the transition in mid November twenty sixteen after the election. So the implication of that assertion from the prosecutor, and the is apology here is that Mike Flynn didn't ever secretly work on behalf of a foreign government. Once he was in the White House officially and sworn in as national security adviser. As a matter of fact, the judge might not have needed to issue that apology. And that's next. Today in court in DC when the judge was just thundering at Trump national security advisor, Mike Flynn about the gravity of his crimes. The judge said so all along you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving his national security adviser to the president of the United States. He said that and then the judge took it back and the prosecutor from rubber molars office supported the judge and taking it back saying in court today that Mike Flynn in fact, didn't peep working as a secret foreign agent of Turkey after the inauguration. When he was sworn in national security adviser prosecutor said in court today that Flint's stopped doing that work right after the election in mid November twenty sixteen and that is in fact when Flynn filed paperwork with the government saying that his contract with Turkey ended. But you know, what? It's possible that the judge was right..

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