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They will indeed really actress Sondra Locke has passed away at the age of seventy four you may not know the name. But if you're a Clint Eastwood fan, you certainly know her work, she was a longtime girlfriend of Clint Eastwood and they worked together in like a half a dozen films every which way. Every which way Belu's any which way you can Bronco Billy. Yeah. She was in sudden impact. Yes. He I cast her in the outlaw Josey Wales. She was in the gauntlet they were together for a long time. And then they split up and she sued him for palimony. Yeah. Because they never married, and she also sued him and Warner Brothers saying that they conspired to ruin her career after they broke up which doesn't sound like Clint. Well. Because we know him. So we we know so well you did talk to an empty chair. That's true. Anything is possible. She directed a movie as well rat. Boy, she directed a couple of films. Yeah, rat boy, I love by the way film. Fortunately, she used to come to cancer this week breast and bone cancer, a wonderful actress, very very she was she was nominated for an Oscar in her very first film in nineteen sixty seven. She did a film with Alan Arkin called the heart is a lonely. Yeah. She was found in a nationwide casting call. They're looking for an unknown to play her role in that. And she got that gig. And that was the beginning of her career. I roll nominated for best best actress, I believe that. Yeah. You'll remember her when you see your here's a bit of the trailer for any which way, but loose. One do. The triangle with. Most of the time. Think. And neither will..

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