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Carrier strike group in bomber task force to the middle. East department official told ABC news the deployment decision was made. After the US found clear indication of Iranian Iranian proxy forces preparing. For a possible attack on US forces in the region. ABC's Meredith McGrath says Iran claims the US as being misleading in this deployment had been scheduled the strike group. Departed a month before national security advisor. John Bolton's, tough talk North Korea launches a barrage of short range missiles into the sea of Japan. ABC's? Martha Raddatz says the Kim Jong UN regime is sending a message to the US is trying to say is. Hey, look, I've waited long enough. I want sanctions relief. Secretary state, Mike Pompeo calls the launches unfortunate. But says there is still room for a deal to be worked out Democrats hope special counsel Bob Muller testifies before the house next week. But ABC's Devon Dwyer says he may be blocked by the president or attorney general of those men could technically stand in the way of Robert Muller voluntarily appearing either the president by leaning on bar or bar himself deciding hey, we've answered enough questions here. The president says he doesn't think Muller should testify WSB scam alert a warning from the FCC about one ring robocalls. The feds say scammers ring just once and wait for a return call if you do. Call back you'll be billed as if you're calling nine hundred number one tip off if the area code is two two two that is the country code of Mauritania in west Africa as a general rule of thumb don't ever call back a number. You don't recognize the owner of maximum security may appeal the controversial q of his horse ethic Kentucky, Derby longshot country house wins instead of a black eye on horse racing that this the spotlight has something. Like this happen ESPN analyst Doug kazarian says maximum security was called for interference his owner says he'll pursue it. I with race stewards than the state racing commission before he decides whether or not to go to court WBZ news time seven eighteen we'll check in Georgia for a hundred delays or next traffic update.

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