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Sometimes it's hard to work remote, but are there any positions or good fit? Depend more on the company, culture, co workers, cassava is sure the answer is it depends. All right. Done. Yeah, I don't know. I've never actually. Have you ever. I mean, we've never worked remote, but have you ever done? Let's say a remote project. Know everyone else's somewhere else. So for the most part, I haven't. And I think this largely depends on where you work in the company. So we both work in California in the bay area, so near sort of San Francisco, and it's not super popular here. It's beginning to get more notice. But in actuality, some places are kind of moving against it and trying to bring more people into less locations, forget sort of even like work from home or or work remote. I support roles. I see a lot of people covering different time zones and a lot of sense to me. But in other roles, I don't see it and there are a lot of problems with it. I would love to see it work well, but I've never seen something where in the kind of work I do, which is highly collaborative sort of a lot of speculative work a lot of day to day change. It's not so much like here we have a product and we're just trying to sort of burn down bugs that have been filed against a product. Remote work is kind of hard to do, but I guess in that way, I could see that some work would be more well-suited to it. Right? Yeah. I know somebody who was he. They were doing a startup and each person who was basically in a different part of the of the globe and. Ended up actually working out pretty well because the startup was very focused. So basically they were trying to do speech to text. And so what they do is they would do pitch. So all of them would have to fly to this customer pitch them on their product. If the customer bought it, the customer would give them just a ton of voice recordings. Then they would pay contractors to manually transcribed them and then they would write computer programs to try to match that. And so there is a person in North Carolina who is doing, you know, just trying to get the audiences right? And he had sort of ground truth of what the right utterances were. So just you is just getting the accuracy, higher and higher, but there's really there wasn't a lot of collaboration. I mean, if one part of the system got much better or changed, I guess they'd have to tell everyone downstream, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not. It's very low. On the scale of collaboration. And that's to work pretty well for everybody. But yeah, I think what Patrick was saying you most jobs aren't like that like in most jobs to collaborate. And so being remote is pretty difficult. But that being said, I people talk about it more now than they used to. And I think there's increasing desire for people to begin to have that as an option. But also like just being brutally honest, some people do better remote work than other people like it's a, it's a different skill being able to sit. I guess it depends on what you mean by remote. It's like work from your house by yourself. Some people are very well suited to that. Others are not very well suited to that. They get distracted. They don't work as hard, and it just depends. It's a person by person thing, and then your company's reception to it is different, but I'm also attended to work at pretty large companies, and I find that being in the office, having FaceTime with the bosses like meeting people that kind of stuff. Helps me do well in my career more than straight up. Just like being an amazing programmer is also important to do, but you know, having that FaceTime and having people know who you are in keeping communications open, you know, making sure I understand what's needed, and then doing those things that are needed is important. I feel for me, some of that would have been lost if I had not been in the central office where most of those people were. Yep, Yep, totally makes sense. I agree a hundred percent if you can avoid remote work. I mean, not not if you can avoid it, but like definitely take into consideration fact that the FaceTime is really, really, really important..

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