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Our Sunday group whether anyone move the needle. on C. span radio we're listening to fox news Sunday where is everybody of what they cannot stand about Washington during points against each other king at each other and tell each other that that you're my plan your look we all that's. cannot stand twenty twenty Democrats they're on stage in Houston on Thursday night laying out the risk of going after one another time now for our Sunday group Josh Holmes former chief of staff to senator Mitch McConnell near a tendon presidency over the center American progress Catherine Lucey covers the White House for the Wall Street journal in town hall dot com editor Katie Pavlich welcome to all of you in the Sunday and thank you for being here on Thursday morning the A. P. summarize the debate from Thursday the following way nine months into the nomination fight divided Democrats have yet to answer fundamental questions about who or what the party stands for beyond simply opposing president Donald Trump neural start with you you've had three days of thinking. I actually think that was false I think that the debate on Thursday really shows on at different visions I would say it is a robust primary debate but there are. various versions of that and if they can't afford on healthcare everyone of course opposes president trump's effort to eliminate health care for twenty million people that they have different visions of I had expand healthcare and can get healthcare to the rest of Americans so I actually thought in the room there is reason Klein that but there are that's what a primary debate is for everyone I mean every single one of those candidates is offering ideas and agendas about how to move the country forward pass the time. did Thursday night Katie move anything in terms of the race itself is changing I don't think it changed much in terms of who's going to be the front runner I do think that Joe Biden is going to have to come up with more of a platform than just relying on his work with president Obama and come up with some real policy a point that he can articulate against someone like Liz with Warren who is gaining on him but we did learn I I agreed we did learn a lot about what Democrats stand for in this debate and others they stand for eliminating health insurance for a hundred and forty million people by eliminating private insurance to Bernie Sanders legislation which was pointed out in the pages makes private health insurance legal we know the Democrats want to spend a lot more money when it comes to implementing socialist programs in the government takeover of a number of industries they want to eliminate fossil fuels in the next twenty years which will also cost the economy billions of dollars and one thing also that we learned that was to president trump's credit is that when it came to the economy no questions were directly asked about the economy but they did get that topic through the issue of trade and not a single Democrat on the stage advocated for the repeal of the tariff so the president has put on China which means they don't have a different approach and again it's going to be difficult for. I have to respond very quickly to this I'm I need to these charges at every single person there on that stage is trying to get more people covered land like president trump is try to get less people covered even concerns illegal. and that is your private insurance is a robust debate in the Democratic Party okay.

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