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I deployed with a ground ambulance medical company. I was a platoon leader back in the early days my officer career and we went to spyker Iraq and supported the the headquarters of the Third Infantry Division So it was kind of an interesting experience. I was a paramedic on the civilian side when I was a civilian before joining the army and I actually got my bachelor's degrees emergency medicine one of those things where I kind of God a degree I thought I would never really apply it my life and then years later I was down and said you're basically in the city six thousand people you now to run the whole emergency response center so it was just kind of serendipity where I can say oh I actually have a degree that I never thought used for this purpose so good a cop spider Cobb comes strike us by spike and that was that was not someone in to create a reason before about an I knew the name of it because I used to do in Iraq and left Isis took over the place when I was out that it was it was being defended I think the Iraqis were controlling their Iraqi army and then isis going to run up because to create is Saddam Hussein's hometown right. Yes but not basis not popular. When you were. There wasn't too bad of a face of either. Be In because well you've been on the ground that that base territorial wise is so massive. We used to joke when we got mortared because the buildings are so far apart that you almost never had a chance of hitting anyone just because there's miles and miles between people so it was kind of a nice base beyond that regard so it wasn't like it was about seven miles round right some of them. Yes yes it's huge.

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