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Of the owners management employers advertisers of wcbs him but they should be the tom moore show is sponsored by hp m productions welcome to the tom moore show this is dr tom moronic sitting in for my son thomas who's doing something else lots of trump's stuff to talk about tonight for that happened this week he nominates ken kavanagh for the supreme court seat of john anthony kennedy what's that gonna mean for roe v wade what's he gonna mean for other things even in fact at trump's being indicted trump's going to finland to meet with putin after trashing both nato and and the uk and theresa may and and angry angle merckel justice department's indicts twelve russian russian putin allies in for collusion and their actions relative to the clinton campaign we're gonna talk about all of this stuff and your calls on the tom moore show at four one zero nine two two six six eight oh this talk radio six eighty wcbs get ready for the real deal baltimore time now for the tom moore show more shows a lot of lot of things happened this week in terms of of nationally in terms of internationally trump is all over the place first of all as i said he dominates kent cavenaugh for the us district court of appeals in washington to be the new supreme court nominee for to take the seat of kennedy but if you look at some of his pass rulings and and writings one of the things that really scares me about this guy and i will get a lot of details i expect one thing that scares me is he was part of the ken starr ken start indictment of an impeachment trial for of clinton he was ken starr's deputy in that and then it'd be better became a court of appeals judge and then now he changed his mind and he says that he wrote an article that that the president should not be indicted and should not before forced to testify while he's in office so in other words is it is it really giving trump a get out of jail card does he said well if he gets indicted and he gets to the supreme court which it probably will here's a guy who's going to say no no no he shouldn't be indicted me wait a minute that's getting out of jail free i don't i don't get that plus his views on on roe v wade his views on some other things really got are open to some questions secondly a big thing is the trump trashing nato and angela merkel called anglo merckel see the germans are basically i forgot the words they're controlled by russia and then he goes to to to the uk and he basically trashes a what's your name may and he says you know that she really screwed at breakfast i told her how to do it and she didn't follow me in and now look at the mess they're in and now he's going from there after that he's going to russia next week or monday he'll be in meeting with putin in helsinki finland and what does he say about that that he says that that he thinks that that putin probably was okay and in annexed crimea it's really scary i gotta tell you it's really scary what he's doing both nationally and internationally get your calls and talks about this plus another one that house committee that did any to see that that house committee involving the peter start hyper stars of the fbi agent lots of things to talk about with those things let's first of all go to mark in baltimore and talk about trump going to finland mark welcome to the show good evening john travolta and by the way i run yeah yeah washington dc yeah that's right at the new net stadium.

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