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Why i if you look in the books my county is anywhere from eighteen to twenty two inches of annual rainfall and we produce across every year right so i it that was rather hoping on that that i thought that twenty two inches of rain and floss was don enough to be able to grow across every year of school yeah was there any discussion there at noto on the plains where they were they kind of on your side that keeping that root in the soil is kind of the best thing for it and you want to you know keep on with crops every year or or living roots in the soil honestly here said i you know that kind of i enjoy going to that you listen to a lot of people there's jimmy evans with their talking several for producers that have been working towards that in like you'll homa chance at area and such next or accent is from canada and he's actually having a field day enough here that look on twitter again the over sure when it was but that they wanna walking seven inches of rain last year i think for total and they still match produce across but some of his system v compost and they do a lot of inter cropping they call they're raising two crops at one time and i have been kind of trying to experiment with that here little bit and some of the relay cropping i heard about in no chill on the planes as well as the other farmers in the area would know and across us margins are getting a lot tighter on this so what what are we trying to do to make a little bit more money raker well what if we could grow to different crops in the same season on saying acre and that's kinda one three lay cropping is you plant your winter wheat or rye or saucers that in the fall and like twin row scenario and then you come back in the spring and plant so you being in between.

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