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Drake and say, they will not use a stand your ground defense when he goes to trial August. Nineteenth Drake is charged with first degree manslaughter for fatally shooting marquees mcglockton after they argued over a handicapped parking spot outside of Clearwater convenience store, last, July at today's hearing, Drake. His lawyers said they would mount a standard self defense. Argument mcglockton family was outraged when the Pinellas county sheriff's office. Initially declined to arrest. Rica suggesting the case was covered by Florida's standard ground law. Ultimately, ultimately, the state attorney's office decided to pursue the manslaughter charge school boards intent of Florida's sixty seven school districts are on notice. If you don't come into compliance with the state's guardian program, which requires an armed officer on every campus, you will be outed Polk County sheriff Grady, Judd says after discussing the problem with state education. Commissioner Richard Corcoran. They are prepared to release the names of those two hundred schools on August. I if they don't comply with the law following the murder last month of a heart. Bus driver, the Pinellas Suncoast transit authority will put safety barriers in all two hundred ten. PS TA buses officials say they wanna do everything in their power, make sure drivers feel safe, the cost could run over one million dollars last week. A meeting of the heart board was packed with drivers demanding more security on their buses after driver, Thomas done was fatally stabbed by a writer. Thirty five year old just Griff has been charged. With first degree murder. Russian and American warships. Nearly collided in the western Pacific this morning, and the US navy is calling out the Russians for an unsafe maneuver. The US navy says a Russian destroyer nearly hit one of its warships in the Philippine sea when the Russian ship approached at high speed coming, within fifty feet of the USS chancellor's Ville, a guided missile cruiser, Russian sailors were seen sunbathing on the flight deck. In a video released by the US navy is the second time in three days. The Pentagon has accused Russian forces of provocative and dangerous actions, Tuesday, a Russian fighter jet buzzed a US navy reconnaissance plane in the eastern Mediterranean near Syria at the Pentagon, Lucas Tomlinson, Fox News in an effort to build trust between law enforcement and the community. The Hillsborough sheriff's office has announced it's launching a new program called walk it like you talk, it uniform deputies will be required to spend time each week walking the district's they patrol to talk with citizens sheriff Chad chronic Stor says it will give people a chance to get to know those deputies. Members of the community should.

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