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Medical experts fear a resurgence of childhood diseases as vaccination rates in California dropped way down. 10 pizzas. Higher sales Last post pandemic. That story's coming up in five minutes. When Bloomberg check sure money. Popular trail in Michigan held closed after two coyote attacks. Those stories coming up in the next 15 minutes, right now, traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives here is Jeff Biggs. I want to give you a heads up in West L a right now. Then what about four or five in Santa Monica Boulevard? There is a stole out SUV and one of the left lane. So just be mindful of battle as you make your way and approach that vicinity North bound for five. Santa Monica in South Atlanta, one of five westbound, actually one of five eastbound before the 1 10 There is a stalled car stuck in the slow lane. New problem in Covina in the 10 span it hold. This is a solo car, spent out a truck stuck in the fast lane and ended up crashing. That was a soul spin out. So you're on the brakes of grand. That's that's on the heels of an earlier four car crash on that eastbound tenant corvina new Problem in Arcadia to 10 eastbound at Baldwin. There was a ladder blocking the right two lanes. Some good news out of Anaheim Hills on the 91 eastbound Gypsum Canyon that three car injury crash has been cleared over the right shoulder. Lynwood South Bound, 7 10 at Imperial Highway, A pickup truck crashed into the right shoulder wall there. They're clearing that up and heading downtown. You're still very slow in there, one down 1 to 1 from before the 10 and that's it. No incident reports just some brake lights. As I said, as you make your way downtown. Next report coming up at 7 25 I'm Jeffrey, with more traffic reports more often. Okay. Next 10 70 years radio. It was another day around Southern California, with typical July temperatures even slightly below average in some areas, and for tomorrow expect very similar conditions. The beaches and lay in the Orange County will top out mostly in the seventies nineties for the valleys and the inland Empire. One hundreds in the high desert and the mountains will talk about Mostly.

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