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So I don't know. It's a great question. You know, it's it's hard. It's hard because I'm a big believer. Ah, and most people are that when you win, it just breeds more confidence, and it just keeps going. So perhaps There's a little bit of a seed of doubt because of what happened there at the master's most notably on the 12 hold when he dumped twice in the water, so Don't know. It's a great question. You know, I don't think he would have fallen off the rails. And he came right back and won a major championship in 2017 Birkdale. So maybe he is where he's supposed to be right now, but his game just sharpen up. As far as major championship wins, you'll get four chances a year this year, only three chances because of it. They're really hard to win. So him. You know Jordan's sitting there with format for majors 433 majors. It's Ah, You know, he's only 27 years of age. That will be fun. He's a great kid. He's a great golfer, and, uh, I'm I'm waiting for him to break through at some point. Steve stands for the golf Channel on NBC Sports here with us on the Zach yelled show When we get to Mr Major right now, Brooks kept Does he win his third consecutive Wanamaker Trophy this weekend? I think so, man, I think he's got to beat this week. He sounds up in last week after working with a swing coach Claude Harmon and also getting another set of eyes on him. In the course Whisperer. His name is Pete Kallen is great. Instructor very well respected guy in the game, and Brooks all of a sudden put his foot on the gas last week in Memphis and had a runner up finish. She almost won didn't close well enough. With Justin Thomas right there, So I think Captain is not a big chalk guy Exact. But I think kept because they've got to beat this weekend. Brooks is going to be The first guy since Walter Hagen, which was like 1000 years ago to win three straight PGA Championships, and Walter did it four times in a row. If it's not Brooks kept, is it J t in your mind? I mean it. Brooks is one Justin Thomas is one day or spice versa. 11 a Justin Thomas coming off that beautiful win last week in Memphis. He's the number one player in the world, and here's a little bit of an oddity. It's hard to win tournaments, and when you're the number one player in the world and you just ascended to that position It's hard to win back to back tournaments. The last two times. The highest level of golf has been played at TPC Harding Park, not the Presidents Cup in 2009 the last two big events to be played. They're the number one player in the world coming into the week. One Tiger woods in the mid to thousands or a mackerel in 2015. So Justin Thomas just climbed a number one with that wind last week in Memphis. He is the odds on favorite to win. I think it's going to be here, Brooks With a couple of other guys, you know, coming around the bend, but at the end, I think it's going to be captain. I know it wasn't great at the memorial. But what did you take away from Tiger's on ly tournament since Cove in 19 man, It's tough. It's tough, Zach. It's kind of like Jordan. How do you pick a guy whose played four rounds is the beginning of February, even though he's the greatest player of his generation, arguably the greatest player of all.

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