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Freetalklive. Got a phone line. Open number six three two eight three sixty one sixty that six to eight three sixty one sixty if you wanna grab it. It's mark with you and big was mountaineer and we're talking to david here from new mexico. Who has always johnny on the spot for finding out what the bureaucrats are doing wrong at given point and at apparently in new mexico and i'm sure this is going on elsewhere in fact i'm almost certain of it. The government bureaucrats were using a messaging app called signal now. signal is encrypted. Which means that people can't see your messages. And i think that everybody should be able to use encryption. I like that now. However there on the public dole the public time being paid with public money doing the public's work and so the public should be able to find out what it is. They're talking about and they can find out legally they can get emails and all this other stuff through freedom of information act requests and but signal has a feature and that beat or is it destroys messages. After seven. o'clock right you can set. It never also can set up for one second. You can set it for one day when we when month and i think this is a good thing to do because well if you go to the crypto six dot com. You'll see what happened to my radio studio just three months ago and it you know frankly the people who collect evidence against you and they're not always so nice as the united states. federal government. Believe me my tons of my cheek. I find it highly annoying. Yeah when when when my friends on signal will set there's to delete. It's like now. I can't refer to what we were just talking about that feature either but you know. That's that's a wish we had some of that going on just because like it's time consuming. Sit there and print like documents that i wasn't even here for yep as far as the public things. It seems pretty simple to me that private individuals should have access to privacy and public individuals should have their stuff public at least like in their capacity as you want when they're acting as private individuals. Like you know if you wanna have privacy between you and your life and your mistress. Whatever you know that's your business. You're not being an official. You're not a public person at that time right cameron while they're going potty or something right right now when you are determining the lives of children it'd be nice if we could see how you do it records that if you're gonna be one thank the amplifiers you can go to amp dot freetalklive dot com if you like. What freetalklive does which is gives people the ability to call in and talk about whatever they want so you know supports support freedom of speech by amping the program at amped up freetalklive dot com. Also if you like the message of liberty being broadcast out on public airwaves well will. They call public areas anyway. National airwaves then by all means support us at amp dot freetalklive dot com as has gavin. Who has a silver level level amplifier. That means gavin gives five dollars a month. And that's what we ask. So thank you. Thank you amplifiers. It's amp dot freetalklive dot com. Let's go back to david in new mexico. All right david. And i and i blow the whistle on this Under the in the spirit that my allegations against the state of new mexico government and specifically their children and families courts Dealing with the children that are referred to the courts through c. Fd as well as those that have not been referred by but my allegations have been for a decade consistent that the government itself is not following. Its own laws. And i'm being damaged along with my children. That's my allegation. And so what. I do when they tell me that i'm all wet. What i do is whenever i see evidence that proves my allegations factual then i throw it in their face. Like i'm doing right now. And so they were destroyed. These people cfd signal auto delete. They were destroying public records. That could then no longer be solicited by citizens or s through the inspection of public records laws in addition to that not only were they violating blatantly the inspections of public records act. They're also destroying evidence because by definition every single one of those children that is in their custody or under. Their control is involved in greece on most if not multiple and there are two parties two or more To every legal case and those parties have a legal right under the. Us constitution under due process to discovery of everything that is discoverable and these people at c. y. fda in new mexico. We're destroying lawfully discoverable information. So do you think this was intentional. In that oh. We can't let families know about this stuff or do you think it was just more stupidity on the part of the government where signal turn on deleting messages. I got that. But i mean i can see why they would want to delete messages and maybe they just didn't think about it that. Oh yeah this is evidence in court case. is it possible. This wasn't nefarious. Sure is it likely. I don't think so david. Yeah i agree with that last statement and and the bottom line is it doesn't matter what your it doesn't matter. What your intent is. What matters is the bottom line that this is a violation and we can argue whether you intended it or not. You're still in violation. You're still violating the us constitution and all of our rights especially the fifth amendment. That goes along with that dumb accidentally went and deleted. All of my hard drives right now. I feel like i would go to jail probably drew whoops voting accident. Sure put it above the toilet. I guess david what is going to happen. As a result of this. I mean you know this is it. Sounds like this could be a very big deal. If it gets picked up by the right media organizations what can happen. Yeah well there's there are. There are local. There's local media organizations. There's like a half a dozen different ones and there's a one or two national that have reported on it. Our state attorney general hector. Balderas is looking into it. He ought to follow through on that. And if he doesn't. I would suggest to him that it also if he fails in his duty to look into it and do something about it. It's also within the jurisdiction of the federal department of justice and the us attorney. General merrick garland so merrick garland and doj please as you are looking into Doing a formal investigation on albuquerque. Police department please come and do one on other places in new mexico state government that are doing like things like Denying due process to citizens in a pattern and practice pattern and practice being a specific.

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