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Richard Cantu. After the South Korean delegation, wrapped up its latest meet with North Korean dictator, Kim the delegation reported. That Kim reaffirmed his commitment to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, and that Kim's trust in President Trump remains unchanged. And Kim emphasize that he has never made a negative comment about Trump Kim also expressed frustration that is goodwill is not being properly delivered to the international community. The two Koreas agreed to hold their third summit this year in Pyongyang from September eighteenth to twentieth. ABC's jewelry show in Seoul. Japanese officials reported at least two people killed in a magnitude six point seven earthquake that struck the northernmost main island of Hokkaido it triggered landslides at crushed homes and knocked out power forcing a nuclear power plant onto a backup generator in this country. A purported senior Trump administration official pendant opinion piece in the New York Times writing the like minded individuals and the author of vowed to fort parts of the president's agenda and his. Worst inclinations the times granted, the author immunity. The time says that this official wanted to remain anonymous, and they believe that publishing. The essay anonymously was quote, the only way to deliver an important perspective to our audience. The president is suggesting this is treason, and the White House is saying that whoever this official is should resign. Immediately ABC's Jonathan Karl US capitol. Police arrested seventy three people protesting Brett cavenaugh supreme court confirmation. Hearing Democrats insist Kavanagh's past writings raise questions about the legality of investigating a sitting president cavenaugh insisting otherwise stand by my record. I I'm proud of my record. I have explained thoroughly my decisions in each case. The hearing continues on Thursday, the Senate Judiciary committee votes on Kavanagh's nomination September twentieth..

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