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People playing hide-and-seek he was really fun And then we did a beer pong but with giant cuts and moon balls off. We put like. I think it was like seven tables corona. They come out this week. I on wednesday and one comes out. I gotta say the between the game stuff and you're going to get comments that are people go like. This is what i missed from the last two years. Yeah no shit. So do i fucking fucking save it. The thing that i really like. You're about to type it. And then you don't i you know. I think that's the most comment. No it's not just say you missed it but just we all know that you missed it. We all missed it for two years. We all missed it. We hate how much we missed it. The thing that i really love about that video is that you guys don't just do the one thing you don't just move. The refrigerator. ship falls out all this other stuff. And you're waiting for the reaction. You decide that you need another refrigerator so you move matt to be the refrigerator and that to me is why those videos are so much fun where it's just matt your refrigerator and they set him in the space where the refrigerator was. Put a table with a bunch of drinks in front of him and he just hands. Yeah i basically just informed him that he was the fridge now and he will go with anything. Sure that's a very good mac. And then he kept talking. Everyone left him there and he started going. It's boring being a refrigerated. The shops it was fucking. That's the stuff. It was just funny because like it's quite cut down video for that meeting to win for ages and every so often. I talk to micro afraid. Just what's up to still be. There would just be like the whole. So many sodas fell out of that refrigerator and got put right back expired. Anyway it's like we've we've been a couple of weeks anyone ever gonna take a posture. The kitchen maybe pull out some of the that expired in two thousand nineteen with some real food. Oh you're screaming. Thank you just walking by a desk. And it's kind of like detroit noble happen. There's like a cobweb on a lego guy. And he just like this is kind of people who left Coffee cups on their desk. Pumpkin coffee still in it has over and then the mold has crusted over. There was no warning for this region expired chips the other day black and i just got some gum and it was like liquid. Everything's fix it. I it's quick When i started here we did a thing for the podcast. Where we made an ostrich egg omelette. Yeah i ordered to. I kept the other one at my desk is still. There are probably should packed it up. Just an egg. He got packed by the movers. So we'll see they moved australia. I don't know if they know that they moved. You're going to open a box gonna be yoke on you it's going to be luckily none of this maxi left at least that. Don't i'll be honest. the magic is somewhat ruined. When i can see mike stop. Moving doesn't come a note sh man. I'm just glad we can be back for now. We're all we're all tested and vaccinated or all the and we're gonna them and you understand you know this but it's just nice to be back in see friends again not in a place where i have to be like at a bar where it's ninety six degrees. Yeah no shit. That's how i feel everything outdoor in austin good question. I think you're just maybe noticing a lot more that people prefer being outdoors while cove. It's still a thing we would just go to a lot of bars. That were outdoor. I never tend to board. I don't go out like i don't see pre or post it's just the same. It's just everything's an outdoor bar. And i don't understand because it's eighty nine degrees at nine pm and it does not feel good. Well i mean do you think feels i think it feels fine. Places have like the little mr fans and stuff like that and mrs fans. Sorry moving.

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