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All right and i believe we are back and i'm gonna go ahead and say that that was not the greatest really does understand. He was like twelve Honestly what it is that is not the greatest quality. I think we're losing a lot and it was literally like a the accordion rain permanent. So I know that's the thing i was talking about. The songs plans like i know comes later so now this is just the beginning right. Florida is that was like my first introduction to jim. Croce a might have been a little bit skeptical. I can understand began inauspicious. Start you know. Gotta start somewhere but look at us for two hundred episodes into our our. We've almost got Living in los Rail so one of the earliest recordings it was actually later released on his facets album. Which is an album. Almost nobody knows. I bet you didn't hear of it. Yeah exactly and there's a reason why which when we get to that album. We'll we'll find out so on the surface of it. It seems like the coaching household is very warm inviting fun. There is going to be dark. Side hey to interrupt you but we do need to take a short sponsor break and we will be right back and we are back cool. Let's get back to the life of jim croce. Please tell me. They're not circling so guys. We're gonna push through this but currently right now because we live in los angeles and people are idiots occasionally. We have a helicopter that will have to circle our apartment complex or something like near us. Because we're close to a freeway and stuff like that so we're gonna push ahead but occasionally you guys might hear helicopters and we apologize for that but we've We're going to move on and and hope that they catch the guy Assume that it's that's what that is got so annoying which you gotta chop route charter window. I can't okay so when we talked earlier about jim's household there were very clear expectations for jim and what he was supposed to do. Jim croce senior was. He ran kind of tight ship. But despite all the fun and the food and everything else jim croce. Junior was the eldest son of eldest son so he was expected to get a job. Take care of his family and get married to italian catholic girl and on that quest to find these sparkling diamond which would save his village right. Exactly it's like got level of that. That's what he did so despite the amount of music in the house. Jim was expected to basically follow that path and uphold the family name and while they allowed him to play music. They would say things to him. This is a direct quote from jim's father. Music is for gypsies and that a life of music was sinful and full of drunks and lowlights. So he's not he's not completely is not wrong. Look at my co hosts. He's not he's not completely wrong music for gypsies. The ones that will show you to keep playing the in that. Yeah and actually this steers clear of the stereotype that jim senior wanted to avoid in fact. They actually haven't proven. But i did find some articles about it. Allegedly jim seniors name was just sepe and he changed to jim which is actually not uncommon at that time so jim. Junior was very inquisitive child. He was insightful and he had a few characters like his father. Jim hated confrontation. He would walk five blocks around the problem and this would actually lead to kind of awkward stalemates with his dad where jim senior would actually look them in the face and say you know boy. You shouldn't do this. You shouldn't do that. He'd actually slapped him. And you call him a bum and then both men were kinda backed down. Jim would go do what he was going to do anyway. So it was kind of an awkward household. While jim didn't like participating in confrontations he loved observing and throughout his life. Jim would be constantly fascinated with different world views and he would actually later have functions where he would intentionally invite people that were in opposition to basically watch the show and see what how basically he was. The logan paul very graduated but it but yes this is exceeded again. Either in the words of his wife ingrid. She said jim's idea of a good time would be to invite over a priest and a member of the kkk. so another gym character floated. Jim had was that he didn't process or express emotion very well. Now this may have largely been due to the way. He was brought up again traditional household. You know. a man doesn't show emotion your job mary. A good catholic girl. Just shut up and oftentimes when things would get heated. Were a situation would come up that he was awkward. He would just kind of shut down. And oftentimes you just gotta go along with it being like okay whatever. Whatever let's just do what we need to do and he often when asked the right questions which is going to come back to bite him and the only way he could really express his thoughts and feelings worth through the music that he played which is obviously going to be prevalent throughout his entire career. His path through high school was largely uneventful. He did play music. He actually attended upper darby high school near philadelphia and went to a prep school for one year. The famous malvern prep located in malvern pennsylvania. And from that point. Jim had the unique honor of becoming the first and only member of his family. At that time to college he was accepted. Good to villanova wildcats. All right nova so. This was thrilling. Good school gyms going to college. What's he gonna study. German and psychology and needless to say that sounds like a career pathway and jim senior viewed this as quote useless end quote and the only way he would allow his son to continue to go to school was if he got a quote respectable job now. This was an inconvenience for jim. However would ingrid's gonna go through as far worse at the age of fifteen ingrid will lose her mother to brisket at that point. Remember her parents are split so she and her sister. Phyllis actually move in with her father sydney again parents had been split and he lived in south darby where he operated psychiatric practice out of home. The girls were then forced to bounce around to different schools which meant ingrid was constantly moving around. She really had to abandon athletics entirely against she was on the path to become a cheerleader. And that got shelved. Finally she graduated from nether providence. High school which is in wallingford pennsylvania. Now all of this was going on. Ingrid did continue to play music. She sang in several local groups and she didn't need to play the piano and she also taught herself now jumping back to japan. He was forced to live a double life because his parents did not pursue. Do not endorse him. Pursuing music professionally. But he would meet friends at school. That would be with him for his entire life. Jim actually got more into music at villanova. Despite his father telling him it was for gypsies. He actually auditioned for several talent shows. He became one of the villanova singers and a founding member of the group known as the coventry lads which is actually an all-male capella group. Still going at villanova today. Oh wow there's not a fun. Thanks off qualifies as a bump back. The other name for the group was the villanova spires and actually they performed later at a. They did an event when ingrid released her book. It was an afternoon with ingrid croce on the spires formed. I thought that was kinda cool and also play at local fraternity parties. Coffee houses really anywhere where he could bring his qatar and just have a time. During this time he would meet several friends again longtime friends. These would be job. Saviola viola who they called. Sal tommy cargo and timothy hauser. He actually spent time in college and as he went through his entire college career. With a certain musician at villanova this young man would go to.

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