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Security, the security guard, you know, on the floor, and they were trying to the police were trying to get them back, you know, get them back together. Kelly met city police say they were conducting a training exercise nearby and responded quickly to the shooting at a quarter past noon. The 57 year old security guard died from his wounds, one witness says he heard 15 shots and describes the guard as a really good hearted person who joked and talked sports during the two months that he had been working at the mall. Nancy hardy one O 5 9. Two people are dead after car struck a tree on the south side early today, Chicago police say the car was traveling at a high speed when it went out of control near 81st in stony island, the male driver and female passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. Mayor lightfoot proposing creation of a new transit tax increment financing district, it would pay for an extension of the CTA red line from 95th to 130th street. She says the project represents one of the most critical investments in the CTA's history. The far south side is the only part of Chicago that doesn't have a rail line that extends to it. A fact that I know many believe it's totally unacceptable. The 5 and a half mile extension would include new stations at 103rd, 111th, 116th and 130th streets. The Chicago city council has approved the sale of some land near 48th and cottage grove to northwestern memorial healthcare. The health agency plans to build a $130 million outpatient center on the site, northwestern says the four story facility will include urgent primary and specialty care services as well as a pharmacy cancer center and retail space, construction could begin next summer with a scheduled opening in the summer of 2025. The Chicago public school system getting a substantial financial gift. Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott is gifting a combined $48 million to public schools in the city. The former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos donated $25 million to CPS following multi-million dollar donations to Chicago charter school networks. The grants which are part of the more than $14 billion Scott has donated since she pledged to do so in 2019 have no restrictions, so institutions can use the money, however they want. A spokesperson for the Chicago public schools says the $25 million donation will most certainly help change lives. Bob Conway one O 5 9 WB M a 15 year old boy is charged with stealing 28 guns from a far south suburban gun range, oak force police say the weapons were stolen during a burglary at the eagle gun range on west 159th street early Monday. Police say four people crashed a vehicle into the building and got away with the guns and ammunition, investigators used surveillance footage to track down the teen, 5 years ago, a group of thieves stole about 40 guns from the same store after throwing a cinder block through a window to get inside. Chicago's inspector general has unveiled a new website she hopes will shed more light on police misconduct investigations. Look up a sworn officer by name or star number, and you can see what misconduct records that officer might have, along with the outcome of the investigation. It's all public record what this new data dashboard does, according to inspector general Deborah wittsburg, is update the system and make records available going back to 2007. I think there are certainly likely to be important uses here for people working in police accountability and police oversight. But I also think that members of the public are entitled to public information and entitled to information about how the city runs. There's a link on our website news radio dot com. Steve Miller. You can listen to WV VM wherever

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