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Checking in again with our friend from Jeffries group, despite the devices hit or miss availability, mister mcneely says the lack of ready availability for iPhone 14 pro models is costing Apple. Assuming three weeks of full lockdown and a ramp back up, mcnealy says the impact would translate to three to 5 million pro phones missed this quarter, 3.2 billion to $5.3 billion in revenue and four cents to 6 cents in earnings per share. But you know, apple is magic. The way the analyst sees it, there are things Apple can do to soften the blow despite the zhengzhou plant accounting for 85% of iPhone 14 pro and pro max production in his estimation. Tricks he sees up Apple sleeve include one maximize output at the Shenzhen site in Guangdong, which is tooled for iPhone 14 pro and pro max models to extend 24 hour operations for a longer peak season and increase output in December three, pay bigger incentives for overtime a new workers and four stagger vacations to achieve continual operations with more workers. And I don't think he had even heard about the army when he wrote his note. Maybe it's those tricks. Maybe it's a belief that folks waiting for an iPhone they want will keep waiting for the iPhone they want, whatever the case, mcnealy is standing pat on Apple. He maintains a buy rating on the company's shares and the price target of 100 $95. We've got details on apple's Major League Soccer plans. The Cupertino company and Major League Soccer or MLS announced terms of their season pass offering on Wednesday. This is the one that Apple

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