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Grounded out in the second one. Not great but also. You're telling me babe. Ruth would lose a homerun derby and then ground out in the all star game starting in fucking all star game as pitcher should have been no now soon enough. He's a little bit didn't pitch when he was at the red sox everybody when he was at the yankees all star weekend as well never show because all this babe ruth talk and they're like not really comparable to bay because what he's doing. Pitching wise is much more elite than what they was doing. They move the outfield than a hitter. Which is probably going to happen to show. Hey everybody saying i should. But babe ruth isn't he's not winning homerun derby then pitching and hitting a home run. Also i mean that would be cool if he did. We thought he was gonna do it. It probably do it next year. They didn't give him a chance. Baby shohei chances babe show his chances base one and everything. The games mickey mouse always has been. I mean they they try. They tried to give you know home. Field advantage for the world series but it was making us to your thoughts on the uniform. The al uniforms were absolutely horrendous. The blue ones were low. Dr own rent look good sherry. Looks everything but anything. It was a way once the start of the. Nfl ones the ones. I liked lot. They were clean. Look and also this. The first year that they've done that. I guess not happy that the individual uniforms are out there with a patch or a hat or whatever i mean it was all the drama was around the game. That was better than the actual game itself. That's baseball shohei on a hell of a two days. Now he's a man who is one of only thirty two people on earth to have the job that he has. He has a great southern drill. I believe he's from the city that we will be in on friday night. He's currently the general manager of the indianapolis colts team a team. That is built in stacked in ready to go. Chris pal me tell you one thing. That's great about pat. You never got to worry about him over selling well. Hey stems won the super bowl team right here. It is super bowl or boss. Which is where you want to be. You earned that pressure. No but for real here. We are pretty good into your stint as general manager for the indianapolis colts. You've built up a hell of a culture what you wanted to do. You've turned around the entire building where from where it was to where you are. Now you feel like you're they're going into this season. There has to be very high expectations in the building and belief but what your mindset. You can't get too far ahead. You can't just think super bowl or boss. What what is somebody at your job. That i would never have and i do overselling. Overreact what is your thoughts because you have to have a successful expectations but then you obviously can't get to hire to what is your mindset. Well i mean look. I mean our own. Just the organization. Somebody called and asked me a question about peyton the other day and what the expectations that payton said you know when he became the quarterback here and i think that's just transformed over. That's what the organization's expectations on. I mean the expectations are to win. And there's a high level and there's been a. There's been a tremendous history of here so those are the expectations. We understand them. And we'll do everything we can to make the city state proud. What about the expectations for carson wentz. You obviously brought him in. Everyone is a lot of high expectations for him. He came in and spoke with patent. Studio was great i guess. What are you expecting him this year. So big did not expect that. Chris do his job. You know we much like with everybody else. Just do your job settled. Do run the offense. We're not. We're not asking you to be superman There'll be some weeks where you know. We're going to ask him to make some plays that are unusual plays it only a few guys can make but do your job. That's what we're going to ask him to be the best teammates you can be and you know be to be the best you can be as a player to your job just like we do everybody else you okay. I don't know if you've heard me all right. I assume you have pretty large show happens to be in the city that you reside but as a football fan and as a coach fan because of all the friends that i have in the building and wanting to see the city and them succeed. I've had my own thoughts about things especially after watching last year with. Ty potentially now injuries happen but with ti eating up a lot of the coverage and you see a lot of these other teams that are have massive amounts of success being stat at the weapon position. So and i am just like you said a person. That does overreacted. Things i mean. I ride the wave there so when i hear julio is available when i hear these up i start going crazy. I've listened to every interview you have had since then and since that move. You have a lot of faith in this weapons that you've brought in. I don't think we've gotten to see. Any of them is basically what you have really told me because of situations. Is that how. I should do this and why. Why am i so amped up on getting another superstar in the building chris. What's that all about with music. It's not just you know we look. We think we we got guys that can be superstars like one of the things that like people don't like the unknown they don't they don't like it. At some point you know guys pop up and they become great players. And i think we have a couple of young players that can do that. We we have a strong belief in michael pittman He's a big talented kid. I think if you watched unfortunately you know. We had the shin injury last year. That was pretty. It was a pretty severe injury and end up coming back from but still finished the season strong. We saw the start. That parris campbell had last year and it was really strong. He's got to stay healthy. He knows it. He's worked hard this offseason to get his body right so he can so he can have a big season and the guy that you know people just kind of brush over zach pasco but i mean all he does is produce. I mean he just goes out there and does all the dirty work catches touchdowns and produces so we like the group as a whole and then with ty think you know still adds a dangerous element to our team you know. Last year we finished second in the league and explosive place. And i mean those were coming from somebody. I mean somebody was having. Those explosive plays so second in league with explosive plays. Hey who was telling you to get a weapon that you had to look up with somebody. Mind my kids. Keep telling me with somebody. Gimme this it or is that something you know as the season goes like. Hey we're pretty good and it's supposed to place. Now i mean we track it in and it's a it's something that we track but we also look always wanna add great players..

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