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But anyway. Moral Max would go on much much later. To revive the character and. What was his first outing after this fucking movie guardians of the Galaxy? Every was seen in that movie. You had so many clamoring for the fucking return and I was just sitting here going. ooh! Why could do that? But anyway. You know and yes, you had those who actually were fairly bright in passing on cartoon based on the character. Directed by Kevin Smith. Because why give Howard or Kevin Any fucking work anymore? Ever I I don't know man my I personally you know I am a Kevin Smith Fan I always happen. In fact, that was the reason that I met. RPM was because I did some followers. Sniping from Kevin swith pages. And I saw his page on I. Think it was the Fatman on Batman followers? And I followed his podcast. As you know, I listen to his podcast, and then he listened to attitude era. So I am a Kevin Smith Fan. Yeah, wait! You're stocking media unintentionally, but yeah but that doesn't matter. Let's let's let's finish this this episode up because. Even Leah Thompson eventually came around to wiping his government in this movie. Will you know antidepressants are very powerful thing? Apparently. They're so powerful that at one point. I WANNA say in two thousand eighteen. It might have been a little before. But. She actually went to marvel and pitched a new our the duck movie. Expressed hope even directing it. So I genuinely I genuinely hope that it. Starts with Tim Robbins? Finding Howard's like dead core percent, just bringing back to life through science. And he's just you know. The first scene is just Zombie Howard waking up and he's just like. We're we're we go word a? I? but Even according to Ed Gale. He was actually hired onto space balls. Not, in spite of but because of his work on Howard the duck. Go figure. The fuck man I mean Mel Brooks fell Jesus Kuni Buddy. who was in Howard the duck? Good be in his movie, which I don't know if that's necessarily good thing or a bad thing. But You know the however the hell you might. But I take that as a week a week a week away all his even gone on record as stating that he still gets more mail. About the role in Howard, then he does any movie that he's ever. Been Yeah. Even though he told me long ago to loses fucking address. Yeah, I kid I kid. I asked him. Why do you think this is and he responded very. You know very very kindly, he said. What are you doing in my house? You fat fuck! You know anyway? And even on this is no surprise really. Even. Lucas went on and on and on I think everybody's GonNa. Think it's great. They're just GONNA. Be Like you know what the special editions are at that bad away. We're talking about Howard he took the same. On Howard in the years after the movie was made. That he did about the prequels after he made those things I. Mean Realistically There's a lot of trouble in the prequels I mean I do hate sand. I mean. It's rough and its course courson it gets everywhere. Anyway. That pretty much covers every last thing from all angles that we could possibly cover this bastard and We did it in the amount of time in fact in less time, then the fucking one time of the movie. I feel thirty years older..

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