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Pretty much of Biden get in an office. Was I think Kamala Harris became vice president because she isn't like and she is incompetent and as soon as they get Rid of Biden. Kamala is going to go to and Pelosi is the one that's going to how did they get rid of her, though, because it's easy to get rid of Joe because he's corrupt and they can just come in and say, Joe, it's time to leave or else we're exposing all this. And that is a proven matter of fact. But how do you get rid of Harris? I don't think they're getting rid of Harris till Election day, She will lose. Whatever Republican there is, but how did they get rid of her? Bribery. How much would you have to pay somebody to get him to give up the presidency? Millions. And I think she would take it again because that she's selfish. Yeah, but But listen, we believe that's what that's what they're planning is close to getting in there. Yeah, but the president so bad. I don't doubt that. But Diana and thank you for the call and thinking outside the box, But I don't see any way they get rid of Harris. She will lose in 24. But whereas Biden at this point, listen, it is it is documented. The story was there before Election Day. That's why Big tech and everything else and social media had to kill it. He is corrupt. His son's corrupt. They worked together to sell access to the presidency. And can you imagine how much more there is beyond that? So he is subject to being forced out of office with that stuff. I don't think they have anything like that on her, which is another reason why she would be We would be safer with her as president right now. Safer than Biden because she's not subject to any kind of extortion from anything we know. He obviously is. But I think the primary issue with him is he's failing mentally. Clearly, he has to be to be doing what he's doing, including. Today. 8554058255 lines are jammed. We'll get everybody on would we be safer? With Kamala Harris than with Joe Biden. You're on the Dan Capital Show. Newt Gingrich here, and I'd like to invite you to listen to my podcast. Newt's world. Most people know me as the former speaker of the house, but I'm also a historian with a wide range of interests. I enjoy talking with experts in their field and the most interesting people. Across a variety of subjects. I released four episodes of neutral every week with an effort to excite the imagination of our audience, and hopefully you'll learn something new Each time you listen, Listen and subscribe for free to Newsworld on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. President Biden insisting again that it is time for US troops to leave Afghanistan achieved that objective. We deliver justice to bin Laden more than a decade ago, but the current environment looks very different than it did in 2000 and one and we have to meet the challenges we face today. The president says he is consulting with advisers on possible contingency plans to stay past the August 31st deadline. Should the Taliban hinder evacuations of US uncertain Afghan nationals? Mr Biden, also speaking with 27 leaders, and I'll agree to help those who are fleeing their homeland. Already seeing our allies commitment, they're bringing their they're bringing to their countries. The Afghans who served alongside their forces as translators are in their embassies, just as we're bringing you, the United States. Those Afghans who worked alongside our forces and diplomats were continuing that effort. The president also says he knows the longer the U. S is in Afghanistan. The greater the risks, Daria all binary ABC News Go early, staying late. Travel stress free and celebrates bike What you're doing, Otis. The Bay Bridge needs a jingle. Yeah, telling people to cross the Bay Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Go early. Stay.

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