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Smell and just cuddle i style of it but education was always very important to my family and my grandparents and they did this to their sons into me to and they said if you want to ever work in this business you better go often graduate from high school get yourself a college degree and then may be will let you come back and learn a few things from us but we will make sure you get a good education and has some other options and everything cas were they came from you know they were doing barbecue before barbecue was cool and so now it's you know provides a great living for my family and i and were growing but they really had to struggle through all those years and really in grain that into us that he'll make sure you get an education but i did graduate they did let me come back and i started at the bottom of mop and floors back at the drink counter again back meal when i was younger and just doing the basics a clean and tables and interacting with customers and started over a couple of years worked my way through pretty much all the basic positions of the restaurant to really get a firm foundation of it and then i've always been kind of entrepreneurial has been interested in starting businesses and always thought i wanted to start my own business but all of a sudden different opportunities started coming to the restaurant where i could kind of start a business within the business and start bringing a few books and was able to start our web order program we now ship our barbecue all over the country from our website that was something couple friends and i started and is now still going strong and growing and was able to work myself out of that job because it was growing so much in another opportunity came we're able to go on qvc in.

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