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I said, he doesn't, and he says, and I'm sitting in about just so intense. The next thing you know, these people started to plot in the fucking restaurant gift. We gotta do this movie. Yes. Said yet for Keegan, the Joseph Kennedy in the story, he cast John Houston as an actor. He's probably best remembered as Faye Dunaway his father in Chinatown. But Houston is really remembered as the director of a number of movies like the man who would be king. The Maltese, falcon key Largo, the treasure of the Sierra Madre which featured his father, Walter Huston creek Canada, John leaving LA. We went to the Santa Monica airport, which is where we left with the helicopter, and we were sitting there and get ready to having a coffee in the little tiny room next and after a pad and the guy comes over and says time. San or your father great act in Johnson? Yes, it was. Yes, he was. Just never forget that moment because. Like John vanished, everything. Vantage John was talking about his father and Houston. It also directed Jeff bridges in the movie fat city. So there was a connection between those two and Richard would also go on to cast sterling Hayden, ally, Wallich and Anthony, Perkins, Tony Perkins anyway, shows up in the office and he cutting pregnancy brings in his, you know, beautiful English bicycle, and he brings it right into and he's wearing very tight close and a little kind of cap like a jockey. So I start to talk to him the character and how he would be, you know what it was about that it out and all that. It's just like, no, my knowing that we should hide making mention why you would want me in this movie peace. But why should I want to be in this movie because you couldn't think of anybody else who could do it better? Could you know? I said, well, that's why. So why don't you come to the either? You know, I'm on Broadway right now said, yes, I'm starting in equa session. Yes. He said, honoring a a ticket at the box in next thing. I know I'm in Tony, Perkins dressing room. So he's taking off the Greeks papers, things. He said, you know, Bill sit in that in the second act, there's only two ways that speech and said, I was getting laughs the weeks. I was getting last. You said it, I stopped getting them. What do you think about that? I just thought getting elapsed and I realized that some kind of a fuck and test. So you were getting all these laps and then you stop getting them. You said? Yes, you still thinking, well, we'll you listening for them. Then. Jimmy, I said, did you start to listen for the last. Without affecting your speech is looks throws down this thing because it follow me. Now ago you think of is that getting block it out the dressing room, and we walk right through the lobby and there's still people around and stuff and what right time thing. And he walks right backstage right onto the stage of the theatre where all the rooks were for the horses stops me right in the stage in the center of the stage and looks at me, and he looks around and I love to hear you. Absolutely. He said, could been just like he did in the movie actually with that spin, here's and walk straight off the team lead me fannin there and it'd be walked out the door. He said, call Niaga in in the morning. With things falling into place. He also was able to get Ralph meeker to shear him a foodie, Dorothy Malone Richard Boone. And for his leading lady, a journalist at bridges character is absolutely mad about he cast an unknown actress, Belinda Bauer who would not only be bridges leading lady, but also be in a relationship with Richard soon after as well. Benny Chevenez and just off Park Avenue sixty second apartment Brownstone. And I remember, you know, I was with her on her sofa and we were romantically involved in at they..

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