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A furloughed IRS employee was also happy to hear news of the shutdown ending. But was a bit less. Diplomatic him defaulting on a promise that promise he was never gonna make. There's something else. I mean, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but there's something else that this is all about I don't know. Whether it's the Russians you made as a distraction. Just waiting for the shooter drought in Detroit. John Hewitt WWE j NewsRadio nine fifty a man responsible for the death of a local teenage pardon me. A local transgender woman is headed to prison. It'll be eighteen to forty five years behind bars for Antoine Simmons. He learned his fate in a Detroit courtroom. Simmons was convicted of crimes in connection with the death of transgendered woman. Kelly sto- in December store Simmons rather rob stone near mcnichols and brush taking her purse while she was walking during the robbery Simmons. Struck sto in the head several times killing her Detroit income tax collectors have some extra muscle this year mayor Mike. Duggan says the city can now place a lien on a tax deadbeats property or Bank account as well as garnish wages in the past the city had to go to court, which was inefficient got a good piece of legislation through in lame duck that will allow us to enforce on the obs- Kanders in these downtown. Arises who claim they deliver the city you're going to see Dave Massar and take out his first big project getting people live at the city to actually pay taxes at the city's mayor Duggan. Referring to the city's chief financial officer there and the mayor saying that the chief financial officer, the CFO will vigorously enforce the city's income tax collection efforts. W w j.

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