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H A r I Wow. I'm interested. I want to hear that. Yeah. Good for her. I know. I'm glad to see. I'm glad to see things are going well for her. Well, you know, All entrepreneurs. I wish them well, It takes a lot to run your own business these days, especially in California. Yeah, You're not kidding, huh? You're not kidding. When I wish we could claim we had Ted Nugent on tonight Show or Stevie Nicks or Stevie Nicks. I don't know what I wish we could don't patch show. You never know. You shouldn't. I don't know how you reached their agents or so. I mean, maybe they'd like to cut their teeth on a Talk show and little Sacramento Right. Why not? Why not? Why wouldn't they remember Don Wells wanted to come on. After her appearance on the show, she said, she said, I had so much fun. I'll come in for the next couple of weeks. If you want me to him, we'll just go close together. So well. Yeah, I would like that. Oh, that's really sweet, Mary Ann and Pat show like a marionette that marrying Yeah, I may have to check. We may have to go deep and find if we see we could find somebody would be willing to do that. Okay, Well, well, good for Sherry. Yeah. Check it out with Ted Nugent. Thank you. Kidding. Thank you, Pat. Have a good night. Stay safe Driving home. All right. Is your power out? You have down trees. Don't you tell us about that. We don't talk about Chorus Leachman fatter than elephants, power naps and more woman to the Wednesday Powell show. But let me be clear because it matters where you get your news. Here are the facts. I have news for everybody. Sacramento News voices You can trust Kristina Man Johnson, Sam Shane. And Eddie O'Neal. Sacramento's news 93.1.

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