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Curated in protected by a family members new you can't let this do talk right because it's gonna is going to be avi right right yeah so i just think that it is interesting that people took it that way to me it was very clear you know key actually talked about it yesterday two days ago that he just looked you look at the kids upbringing right manhattan beach family a fluent family like he wants to live here like he wants to be in a place that's close to here's let me tell you something there's also a cultural divide sport wise not not ethnicity would in basketball like nobody cares if you grew up wealthy we'd care if you can play and football because i'm not saying 'cause it's just dumb football mentality because it's a sport that hurts yeah it's a painful they don't think you want it as much yeah like if you have options in life of living fruitful life right of intellectual pursuit why would you ever sign up for concussions and like ruptured spleen and things like that you're listening to cash in los angeles you know it's funny you say that right so i when i was young and living in miami i covered zach thomas yeah zach thomas you know i would say a step below a hall of fame yeah but unbelievable player six seven time pro bowler whatever he was in an era of great linebackers and he came from oil family right and played in the national football league twelve years like so that's why i look at that guy and he's like that's why that doesn't jive with me because of that my time at the same time like.

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