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Single day tests yet governor Ralph Northam says Virginia administered more than five thousand on Wednesday and nearly six thousand on Thursday the experimental drug ram disappear as received FDA approval for emergency use a government study shows that it might help some patients recover faster and reduce the risk of death get ready for a flyover today in the DC area the navy blue angels and Air Force Thunderbirds will honor first responders and healthcare providers by flying over parts of Maryland DC and northern Virginia that's going to start around noon while parents may be concerned about taking kids to the doctor and being exposed to the corona virus doctors say it's important to keep those appointments and not skip them wit TLC pediatrics Amberley Dr Tony Thompson Chatham's understands coronavirus concern but they are all the elements out here that we are certainly concerned about as pediatricians and health care providers that's why three month old vegans vaccinations are up to date do not want to have any new outbreak of measles or whooping cough mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro want to make sure that we are protecting not only our daughter but others as well for seeking WTOP news state education officials in Maryland are reaching out to remind students that even though they're not in traditional classrooms right now they're still help available if they needed the learning environment for public school students as transition from the classroom and that means that students are facing some new and different challenges as well as some old information your ones so state education leaders in Maryland a reaching out in courage in kids to use their same schools tip line to report cyber bullying or to alert authorities to a student who may be capable of self harm or violence students and families can access the service anonymously at a toll free number by downloading the safe schools Maryland app or it's safe schools M. D. dot org parents and students are also reminded that local counseling resources are also available to help mark Lewis WTOP news is China an enemy of the United States your answer to that question likely depends on what political party here in a poll from the economist and YouGov shows forty two percent of Republicans view China as an enemy among Democrats it's only seventeen percent the poll has a margin of error of plus.

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