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Anxiety, depression, racial and cultural stress and works with kids, adolescents and young adults. Dr Delap says he's seen a big difference in his patients since the pandemic started. I think it's the zoom fatigue having your face on camera and seeing yourself why you're talking is not like how it is in real life, you know? And so I've noticed a lot of people feeling very uncomfortable with seeing themselves more so. I've also noticed people being more avoided of social experiences, and so which could have big consequences in terms of one's mood and feeling more sad and depressed. If you're not really getting that social reinforcement of engaging with others that you might otherwise get outside of a pendant. As we've been reporting on the show, Children in communities of color are suffering disproportionately. Ah McKenzie study from last summer predicted a learning loss of seven months for the average Middle school student as a result of the pandemic. But the model predicted that that number is nine months for Hispanic students and 10 months for black students. For those of us who are parents or have kids in our lives that we love. What can we do to support them? Dr Delap has ideas. One thing parents can support them by first helping their kids that have language for what they're experiencing. I think sometimes parents or adults can notice these concerns without their kids fully understanding what's going on. So I think the first that would be helping your kids to have a language for and there's a couple of ways that can happen. Um, you can for younger kids, You can get things like mood flip books and helping help them to kind of understand their emotions a little bit better help them to give a name to anxiety. Andre for older kids like adolescents, helping the kids understand how their anxiety might be getting in the way of their goals. Whether it's if the kids really motivated in school, helping them to see how that anxiety is not really helping them. The New year brings even more transitions. How can parents help their Children cope with more changes?.

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