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Four and the other thing that amazes me if wayne gretzky never scored one goal he'd still be the greatest score in the history of the game on assists alone wow is that right yeah that is is unbelievable at some point i think it was ninety six records that he had and the ninety seventh was most records but but just to watch him and when he was when he came out to the la kings was was one of the great things in my life but one of the most depressing days in all of candida day did tire our on their national newscasts and he was the entire hour right they were crying up there and wayne was crying up there at his final press conference when he left up there and i remember going to the one down here it was a mammoth extravaganza when he got her down it was unbelievable when when he came out and put that kings jersey man the still photographers it sounded like machine gun fire you know just rapid fire and then somebody heard somebody in the crowd holler what number did you get isn't that i think that's also when they went to the the the black and silver or the but it it was a whole new ballgame was i had called our owner bruce mcnall to see because i'd heard rumors are you gonna sign wayne gretzky i call them pretended how many games are going to do on tv and all that and then i thought i gotta ask them so i just said are you going to sign wayne gretzky and there was this pause and i thought maybe i shouldn't have asked that boy and he said tell me what you think of this we change our logo we change our colors are uniform and the model of the new uniform is wayne gretzky i said if you pull that off it's going to be unbelievable and he said i think we're gonna get it done that's amazing i couldn't believe and that changes your entire life i mean professionally because you'll still go down as one of the greatest whether the king's ever wanted championship or stanley cup or not but you get to watch this guy every single night and that was a thrill drive into the game yeah you know thinking what am i going to see him do tonight maybe it would be nothing it wasn't every game that he did something great but you had that anticipation what might i see tonight and be able to call that i've never seen before bob whether it's also a rich mirada never at you did a lot of sports you did you covered everything was hockey your favorite though it's yes and in fact the the la kings actually are still my all time favorite team and that's really the only team that i root for you know consciously all the all the time doing the same thing i heard this last year we had people calling us getting down on me and using four letter words i won't use that in front of you bob by because they said once the kings were eliminated why don't you root for the doctor san jose can't you you know you you brute for another team and he said i i can't those are fake fan i mean i could you know once you have your team set as a child you cannot change them i mean if you grew up watching the boston red sox you're going to die watch the boston red sox you're invested in that team for all those years and you want to see him succeed and and it's so great when it does happen like it did in two thousand twelve and you see that stanley cup presented i think that's a personality flaw when you can change your allegiance from one team to another we're like my mom moved to denver she was the biggest raiders fan in the world she moved to denver all of a sudden like two years later she's going to the games and rooting for the denver broncos it's a big strange about that rich marana bob miller are with us kfi am six forty the la city council has voted to continue looking into whether on location in korea town will be a comfortable place for a temporary homeless shelter the council will also be.

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