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Godfather spherical since it next to the stage at the judging table they're not judging quality but rather whether a pun is really a pun whether it meets the rules or whether the ponds been used before so a lot of us here and they are performers whose rex you your manager your publicist who's your agent you know it had its own category occurs with all the talent in this room to be some crazy rich Asians terms common Olsen holds up a banana the playoffs version of a yellow card or warning Amanda Salis had used to many of the same syllables from the original wording crazy rich Asians too many warnings the use of a topic that's already been said or running out of time gets you an apple the red card it means you can take a shot of whiskey or a shot of chocolate as the crowd cheers you off the stage Amanda Salas who's a TV reporter by day hunting queen by night made it to the end of the final round about please enter this category I think I'm gonna have to blades pizza it has been used already this this is just being able to take is working I just finished chemo three months ago so this really means a lot to me you know brain fog it's called chemo brain is one of the side effects of chemo and I was a little nervous coming out tonight because I want to really represent because I call myself under woman and so coming here tonight getting second place is going to tear up again it really it just showed me that you can do.

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