Twenty Years, Today, Unilever Tesco discussed on Zo Routh Leadership Podcast


He is a creativity insight an invasion and mental health expert. He comes all the way from the united kingdom. He's got twenty years and more of working in big corporates places like unilever tesco telefonica pernod ricard phillips and bear. he has worked extensively in creativity and insight and invasion. He's been creativity and management trader. So he loves the creative stuff and in our conversation today we talk explicitly about some of the strategies to develop creativity including applying the flow cycle and our natural circadian rhythms to bring out the best of our creativity and productivity and move into the mental health space. He talks about his own personal experience. Both as a sufferer of anxiety and stress and a mental health issues as well as having a daughter for whom he was caring for a while who had her own mental health issues and between these two conversations we find an overlap and how we can set up workplaces to both stimulate creativity and management health. Let's.

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