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It's time to head out and bring in Tim McMahon. ESPN NBA reporter, Tim how're you doing man. I'm good. How are you guys doing pretty good? So we know that Chris Paul's making his return tonight. How long do you think it'll take for Chris and James to get back on the same page and kind of find that chemistry again. You know, what I don't think it's gonna take long at all. Because the pages. This is James harden. You know, Chris Paul's job is to kind of compliment James harden. That's not a major change. I mean that was that was the case Barry clearly last year, you know, obviously. Historic role lately. But in terms of you know, what they do their style of play. I I don't see that changing. I think the thing now is you just have Chris Paul to complement hard. And also to to one the show when harden the sits and the one thing that could change for hard to terms of his production is they're hoping to be able to minutes. I'd love to get him back in that thirty four to thirty six minute Rangers you because obviously they want. His best complete with time. Tim based on the way the Houston has played as of late. Do you think that the rockets are better or the same as they were last year? They're different. I I'm not gonna sit here and tell you they're better. Okay. Look last year they ran away with the best record in the NBA. They've had obviously a lot of health problems. Not just Chris Paul, but Capello bean out now, but you know, I think that bindis subsidy and by luck in large part, they really have improved their death. Boston river, it would survive the stretch without this ball unless they signed rivers. Now, suddenly they have great guard debt, freed free, the great the three games. They picked him up off the bio scrap heap and know now, suddenly they've got great depth after the big. So, you know, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that they are better than the sixty five win team from last season. But I I would say that I I think they have we establish themselves as a continuous again. He is Tim McMahon. ESPN NBA reporter you can follow him on Twitter at ESPN. Mcmahon. Tim can this team when they're completely healthy? Can't they knock off the warriors atop the eastern or Western Conference? Excuse me. You know that that's the question. And look the warriors are better than last year. I mean, you know, DeMarcus cousins has look really good since he came back back tilles. Imagine that he's gonna kinda get progressively better. If it's warriors against the field. I'm taking the warriors. I think the walk. It's have as good a chance as anybody. You know, I think they're on a short list of teams that that would have at least a punchers chance against the warriors, man. Yeah. I mean, the warriors are a dynasty. And and I don't think that dynasty comes crumbling down this year. I think that we knew coming into the season Tim that they Western Conference was going to be compelling because there's so many stars in the Western Conference. But it was interesting to me, not just the warriors. But just two through eighty two through nine what we're seeing right here is there is there. Other teams above the rockets that that you think are interesting storylines like Denver or Oklahoma City. Denver is absolutely compelling storyline. Because here they are competing for the top seed. It's a team to the playoffs in y you know, in because they had, you know, with the exception of Paul Millsap, essentially zero playoff experience. It's really hard for me to sit here and projected deep playoff run. This season. But I do think this is going to be the first of several straight seasons at the nuggets are a factor in the west. So you know, that's compelling to me with that. Great young core, led by Yokich, obviously, you know, get used to seeing the nuggets completely off time. And I think they will have some people out bronze to come. Maybe not just this year. And then okay. See Paul George is happening. I can cards clue could MVP favor Janas right after that. But Paul George added. You know, an MVP candidate kinda season. And and you know, what I struggle a little bit the thunder right there in the basics. You know? Both those guys are playing at their peak. Little certainly, you know there again that short list of teams with a punchers chance team is not in the playoffs picks right now. But I probably she's compelling. That's the Lakers, and you know, any team with the Braun you've got some hope so can get back get healthy. You know, I I'm assuming they will be in the playoff picture at the end of the regular season. You know, no matter what they are going to be just begging for for a chance to baseball in the first round. I promise you that. I think everyone would want to figure out a way to not have to face the Lakers with LeBron for sure, Tim, great stuff. We appreciate you spending some time with us on a Sunday afternoon. Okay. Thanks, guys. They're years. That is Tim McMahon. ESPN NBA reporter, you can follow him on Twitter at ESPN make man, you know, go ahead. No. I'm just going to say that earlier. We're talking about the Milwaukee Bucks in their staying power in the Eastern Conference. Right. You are. Well, you know, you and I are watching this game. That's on ESPN is the reason why that this is a special ESPN broadcast because I think that the nation want to see Yanna Senator coupo- against Russell Westbrook slash Paul, George. There's no question that Paul George VP candidate my when I watched the thunder Emmett. I'm not really worried about Westbrook. I know what he can do his shooting his down though. But Paul George though, here's a guy here. That's really taking the bull by the horns and really showing what he did it Indiana. And that's just scoring the ball. Make you know, this better rebounding the ball strong defensively seal, not the baselines doing the little things and Paul George is really to me stood out more, even so than the Westbrook. But we asked about Milwaukee right Janas is getting his Milton with two files. So he's got five points Lopez in the paint. But then you're looking at Bledsoe brogden. Tony Snell Ilias. Silva? You're just trying to figure out who the next level is that can score the ball. That's a question tonight. That's a question for the bucks moving forward. That is a huge huge question. I think it's something that they'll have to address when we get much closer to the trade deadline, which actually isn't too far away. The other thing I wanted to bring up with you is, you know, the last year the rockets had the warriors right there seven games. It seems like once a year in the playoffs. Someone takes the warriors really really deep in a series. How long do the warriors maintain this? If k de lis is it over the next year is it over for them. No, seventy three games without him. Right. Yeah. I don't think that it's over in the reason why is because. You look at the splash brothers were. This is also contingent on Klay Thompson returning to now. Don't forget about him. He's a top of the list in free agency. Like, where's he goes? I imagine he's coming back. I guess right. So I know they hope so. Right. So so Steph and clay Draymond green doing the dirty work. And and so I think that they would be fine. Now, even this year has not been easy for them. Zip through teams, if Kevin Durant goes elsewhere, it'll be more difficult, but because of how well they shoot the basketball. They have to be the favourite still, right? You would think so it's so hard to defend great jump shooters. Because all they need is a little bit of space and clays arguably the best catch and shoot player ever in the history of the NBA. And then you have Steph a guy that can take you off the dribble and let it fly at any point. And when you have that you're right. It's difficult to to beat that. The thing is Draymond isn't exactly what Draymond used to be. Right. So if you do lose K D, And even if you keep Klay around you don't really have a big three and less boogie cousins resigns in his one hundred percent healthy. So I think we will see them falter if K D leaves because just because of of of what Draymond has not been this year, you know, from a scoring standpoint. Anyway. Well, I this is the only team I know that can turn devel- mcgann's is up at Trulia into DeMarcus cousins. You're right. You're saying like it didn't really work out like that. But you know, what I'm saying like those too those are two big of that team. And all of a sudden DaMarcus like outside the same contractors them one year deal. This let me show what I can do to other free agents. No there will be in the mix. But I don't think that they drop off like Phoenix just because clay and staffer there because here's what here's what you, and I know it's more than just players is organizations to and for the Golden State Warriors. It's it's a place. I think that free agent would wanna be a part of new stadium coming up for them. And there's a championship pedigree. That's there because claims staffer there. So it wouldn't surprise me if they continue to have that championship, pedigree, even if Durant not their next year, and even the city of San Francisco has a reputation for being cool and progressive, and you know, Silicon Valley is right out there. So there are a lotta attractive things and cold blooded. And it's called. Oh, bloody. It's cold blooded for sure I was freezing cold when I went to a giants game out there. 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