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Now those details are out. It's official 1.3 million in gam. It's a little bit misleading. Maybe you could say, 'cause it's 300 K and gam in 22 223 we're seeing a lot of these trades split it over multiple years and then it's 800,000 gam and incentives look now you have a midfield of pollster you assume pollster legit and Carlos heal, maybe poster could play on the wing a little bit if you don't have an exact conversation. He's a 6. With just the 6. No. You said pulse around the way. Closer. Oh, don't say, legit could play the way. You said Paul. What do you think of the trade, Dave? What do you think? Legit to the revs. The big thing to me with smashing a jet is he's like his flexibility. He can be a winger in this league and he can be an 8 in this league or a ten if you really need him in a pinch. And so for any team bringing him in, that's like the number one is, well, he can fit with everyone. And then you add in the success he's had, the quality he has, I think what he meant for that like galaxy locker room and some tough moments. And obviously with the revs, he has experience with Bruce arena. And so it just feels like you're losing tajon. Sebastian legit doesn't give you the attacking explosiveness that tejon buchan gives you. But if trust us in hits, great. If he doesn't, legit can play out there. If he does, then you can play legit farther central. If you want to limit Carlos heels, maybe minutes over the course of the year to keep him fresh or you're worried about injuries that he's had over the last few years. He can also fill in there. So that's the appeal with legit and it just makes sense for a rev seam that's sort of in a win now mode to not push the can down on replacing Taysom or using that money, use it now for a guy who can help you now..

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