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No comment Vati Greenspan from each Horo also you can follow him on Twitter, at Mattie Greenspan Greenspan Yeah also answer your your previous? Question do you would you. Be fired if you've got quickly. Caught sleeping at your. Desk, I. Believe I would. Not and I've seen studies that show this is a. Healthy yeah concept I agree too I'm going, to bed Healthy. For you or. Healthy for the business Various, studies. Grabbing me on had a great thanks Bye-bye Tired I gotta be honest villains join yeah yeah I would love to have, him back, to talk about the concept because I actually I mean we run our business like this to where you know if, you if, you you're in. Charge of your own day you do. However you do you just have to get it done that's not the way it's happening at. The sleeping on the they're not getting, their work done it's not. Like, I slept all. Day but I got everything done. No that's. Not happening they're not getting the job done all right. Let me tell you. About our sponsor this half hour it's mercury. Real. Estate You know there's a there's something weird going on in. Real estate right now Home prices are at all time highs again It's been a there's been a run and there's this really weird There's really weird a. Shortage of of homes, because the the upper price is so high, and so there's a there's a shortage of homes that are reasonable. And that is where the real, money is to be made it it's just this this weird.

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