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And don't get bothered by tough fights got as time goes on and tough. I'd say where and you what's an example of somebody maybe from boxing again, or if it's may let me know. But is there ever been a is there ever an example of just like really solid cornering either stopping a beating from continuing or, you know, energizing a fighter to reach their maximum potential. Is there any moment, you can think of in a corner that was just incredibly pivotal and and just. I forget his name. I'm having a brain farm, but it was a few years ago. I had a great performance. He said, you gotta go in the fire like firefighter, Timothy brand speaking, Timothy what what a great job, I wonder, and you know, I always respected teddy atlas as a the cornermen, and he made a great commentator actually learned a lot about poaching by listening teddy and things in the long for the ended say, but that was a great corner just dicey. And he's you know, he's more full-time commentator slash part-time coats. And it just shows, you know, his long by, you know, it's it's it's it's how do you create energy? How do you create more energy? I mean, he was winning type and he knew that there was momentum. And he was able to build that momentum into a just a fireball. And that's what a corners. There to do is. How do you how do you create momentum or shift momentum? And that's always tough to do is have ship. How did you get into someone? Head and make them believe that they can still win the fight. And that's that's again, I just takes time experience, and again philosophy understanding, how the mind works understanding, how your athletes tell you what cornering now when I have three athletes compared to when I was had a team at grudge that, you know, forty professional athletes. Nine different when I was having too many athletes a lot of things that I did failed. According failed of the poach. For instance, I had a aid guy name Alvin Robertson five eight, and they were I did an interview and asked me about how playmates and I'm like, and I like, I don't think that's the point. I missed his appointment adjustments houses appointment, and they're both like fifty five at the time. And that's a big flag went off where I was wearing too many ads. I had too many athletes another time when those lots of Carlos, and you know, I didn't even talked to about five round fight here. She is three professional fights for we'll coming off field the fighter and seeing how boundary issue on the alternate fighter. Even when I wasn't coaching her all the beginning fan, and she went out there and hit this pace. And after the first round I didn't catch onto it. And afterwards, I seen her start to cave and one hundred percent was that. That night fall as a coach of the co pilot to not catch that and not plan to see that I needed to plant for fighter dead only has three five role titled who so young feel. We should have won that fight. If we would have understood the pace and understand the five around five and understood the only way that Carl could beater, you know, I came out of a fan voice last cheerleader, and those are those are part of the reason why I gave up on and said, hey, you know, I went back to Boston where I coached the athlete, and I don't have too many people. Saying the right things because everybody's saying different philosophies. You got so many coaches, you know, coaching you wear internet mindset, but you're going from one workout, and you got three workouts per day and east coast coach is pushing you to the limit here you are over training. So there's just so many different experiences that you go through. It's just how do you? How do you on it and make sure that it's it's balanced, and and again all about the athletes, and also when you have been alluding to this the entire interview, how different your athletes are certainly take some humility on the part of the coach. But it also takes keen awareness to got just engage. He the most exciting dynamic incredible talents and the division still highly ranked begins Edson Barboza. But I don't think it's any kind of controversial statement to say that that's a high risk Cairo..

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