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Look at the future of the sixties and seventies and how wrong they were about everything. It's it's If you like markets and I'm sure your listeners I do than those markets get up and assemble themselves and go where people want to go as result of where they're inevitably destined ago. I read a couple of lines from the peace. He says rapid increases in state capacity can be very dangerous earlier. Japan Germany but high levels of state capacity are not inherently tyrannical. And then he goes on to say. A strong state is distinct from a very large or torrential Michael State. A good strong state should see the maintenance and extension of capitalism as one of its primary duties in many cases. It's number one duty and this kind ed recalls at least indirectly a theme that came up earlier in this week about the libertarian. Centralist they're going to bring about liberty through oversight of society through the courts or something and likewise here. We're going to have the state. The state is going to guarantee capitalism for us but of course I would say a pretty pretty good if not entirely public choice response to that. Wouldn't that be the same state that can effectively. Whatever enforce capitalism apple isn't say enforce contracts or whatever other institutions need to be upheld for capitalism can also turn against capitalism and looted and bilk? I mean so. Is that just just a risk we take or why is that not mention. I mean I. I don't even see that as a concern. It's like people who are concerned about that are just backward. rubes not sophisticated enough to. I understand the value of the state Friday. Where do we find these bureaucratic experts? Who are not subject to the same self interest in response to incentives? I mean that's would. Public Choice teaches us is this this applies to the government sector as well as the.

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