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And let me get back to some of your calls from gentilly tom welcome thanks for taking my call code will i realize i was heterosexual i was in kindergarten and another kid a bad kid dared me to kiss a girl and i didn't she smiled and that's what i knew i knew i was straight and i knew i was straight in kindergarten to my story is a little different from that one but that's when i realized i was straight and this is about the florida soon and others what they're doing is exercising their first amendment right of freedom of speech to protests in an organized matter anarchy is when you use filings as a political tool like the college who use ar fifteen commit mass murder as the nra pays politicians so they can thanks good appreciate the call and from fair hope alabama one of my favorite spots on this planet bill you're on wwl how you doing i'm good i spent two years of my life living in daphne and i spent i spent a lot of time in in fair hope some of the times i really don't remember because i had such a good time oh that's a good time not quite like new orleans but anyway yeah i met bent mmhmm lived in charleston south carolina panthers fan and so we may shock blew up to charlotte we met the after game saturday night former hand before game we went to a ruth's chris steak house and i know exactly dress for downtown show pre game with change had on but anyway gross and oh there must have been we made and he's he's spotted saints cat he came over and told me somewhere long here and this week about ten minutes jasper out from and and and i should have told him and she later to medium shake share that story with us you know it's interesting how when you meet somebody famous you the the entire the entire rest of your life you you've remembered that one moment that you that you met that famous person here is a text that says if deal bentsen niessen new man i'm available i'm not gonna continue to read that because i got another one like that earlier a forty six year old single male how can i meet gale benson i guess this comes from the one of the first things we talked about this afternoon and that was guy called in and.

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