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Listening to remax real estate insights and we're talking about marijuana in what's a recent legalization is going to meet for homeowners for landlords and for communities what we've covered so far as if you're buying a home you want to make sure that you and your agent are on the look out for signs that perhaps it's been a grow house there may be some additional inspections are air quality tests that you want done I'm your host genet Schneider in back with me is Ryan my law he's an associate with remax suburban in sterling heights so right we talked a little bit about your buyers you buying home where there's been evidence of of potential growing operations in there let's switch gears and talk about landlords is there any specific language that landlords maybe should be putting in their leases are are they allowed to put in their leases to protect their property and their interests yes one hundred percent and I have three conditions that I approach my landlords with you that they allow it or don't allow it or they allow it a portion of it in some of that language I have is at the end of the lease always put it depends on the landlord sure the three conditions the use of tobacco and cannabis in accordance with state law is allowed on the premises prior written consent of off from the landlord is required okay before medical cannabis may be grown on the premises okay so that's one another one is this is a non smoking residents no smoking including medical marijuana inside the home or on the premise is permitted however consuming medical marijuana with a vaporizer or cannabis animals tonics drinks which I didn't even know existed or concentrate would be prevented so there's another one and another condition is no recreational or medical marijuana needy grown or consumed on the premises by the tenants or gas without the prior written consent of the landlord and did I mention that I wanted to call this a podcast instead of a pot yeah but that was it if they can't wait to do it your way of doing that so what we'll I'm because ultimately landlords are the owners of the property and they and what I think first step for them as they need to make a decision they need to take a stake kind of a stand on where they're going to be that they're not allowing it at all like you said which is one of the options right right off or the allow it under certain circumstances or prior written consent I mean they have to be clear on what they're going to allow and no landlord should ever allow it tended to grow inside their home okay in in their property from your perspective what what's the I guess was the risk or the downside for the landlord if they're Littler landlord wants to transfer that property and uses the title company that won't allow a title transfer because the how the house was used as a marijuana grow facility that and he might have issues transfer the property after dacha and I'm guessing that that's not something that a landlord wants to have issues with self correct yeah the thing is as and I did a little research on that some of the what I came up with also said that a limb or should be talking to their insurance carrier to be clear on what impact that could happen if there's a claim down the road so again if your landlord you need to have your ducks in a row on the US now what yes let's just go down the what if gene a little bit the land or did have a clause in their city what he or she would would or would not allow but the tenet disregarded that in the end they when they had and they they they grew on the the property without permission of the landlord kind of what's the landlords next steps if that happens so the landlord should file a police report just stating Hey this is is my least they're not supposed to grow marijuana in in my on my property just so that landlord has that and then start the addiction process with that tenet of course they have to give written notice Hey you're in violation of the lease and at that point certification process and then if that learnt landlord does want to sell after that time it has been addicted or or after that period even after another tenant at least yes the police report stating that it wasn't him who use the process for marijuana grow it kind of that paper trail the kind of cover you know cover your back and trail there for the landmark correct because I think federal leave what people are into companies are free love is the owner of the property who does grow that owner is attached to that property and that could be federally sees catcher block is the guy that goes to the point that while legal in Michigan it's still illegal at the federal level which kind of create some interesting scenarios for the time being I'm I'm guessing yeah already well let's go to I mean look I was just I guess kind of pivot again and switch gears and talk a little bit about municipalities so now we can add to the mix that you know just like landlords are taking a stand communities are taking a stand there making decisions on whether they're gonna opt in or opt out what are you seeing in the market and in the areas that you're familiar with so since the approval of prop one I'm noticing a handful of municipalities opting in Mostar opting out in realize even though a municipality may opt it it may be only for one specific license like transport or growth marijuana growth it in some municipalities some of them might not want the dispensaries and along with that there are certain ordinances that the license holders have to comply with and their strict strict rules on in that application at the state level is about three inches thick so so lots of paperwork there now we we we've been talking about I guess licenses are different ways that it can get approved you can opt in or out of certain things as I understand it you can either be a retailer you can apply to be a processor a grower a transporter or micro businesses so there's a variety of options that individuals that might be interested in this can go but then those are also the different areas worse that you can choose to opt in or opt out right correct and there's also the safety compliance facilities westerns personnel that visit the locations to make sure that each marijuana growth operation is in compliance according to what the ordinance says per city that shop so I'm aware that there are some school districts out there that have been reaching out to parents with the their concerns over having large scale operations you know in their communities e.on you're kind of requesting your kind of a call to action by parents to reach out to local officials and things of that nature is this something you've heard of because schools are so tied typically done to her to the housing market I mean good good education good education system this is a match is good your values and homes and vice versa what are you seeing on that and the thing I I have not seen that aspect of it but what we do know as buyers agents that if there's a certain amount of the public in keep in mind that vote was fifty almost fifty fifty on right and it was approved some people don't want to live next to to these marijuana grow facilities dispensaries and as buyers agents we need to listen to our buyers and make sure that we know which Manasseh pill with disparities are opted in opted out if the if some are up to then what did they opt in for we gonna protect our clients and protect ourselves because there's a lot of liability when it comes to being a buyer's agent for at absolutely and and I mention this to you is is you seem to be really doing a good job of as being yourself of really going out there trying to find all the information that you can to be a good resource you know for your clients but clients do bear some responsibility to do their own due diligence is are their websites they can go to can they talk to the local municipality if they're thinking of buying in that area and find out you know for directly from the horse's mouth if you will what's going on I think the best website that a buyer can look up for the medical marijuana facilities is the mystic and the Lara site Michigan licensing and regulatory affairs okay then they can go there and and I know I've gone out there too and it it does list things well thanks to Ryan Milo for sharing what he's seeing and hearing about the recent legalization of marijuana and how it's already impacting the real estate.

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