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Fm and newsradio team w blue rv ball a open time at magnolia three thirty one green golf there club are some his places friday where march up knife to the minute and weather is presented information by is chesapeake not communications that important thanks to our richmond sponsors a roofing into had one sparkle of them wash of so central until virginia you move for helping to a south newsradio seas w island r paradise vas support keep it the richmond here fisher for the latest house forecast you can sign of at a the foursome top now and bottom at of you the hour our va radio dot com we levin forty w rva call at drake elementary school in virginia state university were on lock down parole wild today after chesterfield police and fire say a suicidal man set fire to his house than ran into the back yard when they arrived where they heard a pop police couldn't immediately investigate the backyard as the fire quickly spread and fire lieutenant jason now more says crews couldn't immediately fight the fire hang freeing or around the immediate part of the home so we were able to uh eight eventually be able to put up our ladder trucks handsome master cream devices the 'blow march amounts of water at one time one to the onto the home and elmore says damage was so extensive that the entire house collapsed shortly after they arrived once the flames die down police discovered the man's body in the backyard more school incidents across the state today enron up a middle school student is in hot water for taking a loaded gun to school today on a dare a school spokesman says he didn't intend to hurt anyone in stafford county charges are pending against the student found with an air soft gun in a backpack today which caused the school to go on a brief lockdown chesterfield police say an online threat this sale amid.

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