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Middle of the night is ardian really good spooky venue to be in in ah is phantom threat your first or second marie since philip sima hoffman die uh this would be my first movie have you hope to do another movie with them yes of course i'm thinking like there are several peopling of movies who have passed philip seamer halfman jason robards originally who played the colonel in in boogie nights it must be very meaningful to you to have this permanent record of their work that you created it sure does um yep put unit yes it it that's it's terrific but it it doesn't is not good enough either of course you now it's it's uh it you're still left holding a big bag of of whatever it is those emotions than sadnesses that happen when people go away that i'm not there none of movies that we could have made in the world that would fill fill the space yeah i guess i'm just thinking of that went once you've lost people who you work with you see everybody around you in a different way maybe you can save out again i think it's well said i don't know if i had as well as as as well you know yeah you i'm so i'm so i'm still rummaging around through the shrapnel of losing somebody that close to me so there's a lot the haven't figured out but um you yeah you eat the upside yes the the upside if if you can work through it is that you really easy you don't take things for granted uh you you can really you can do you can do a good job of to slapping yourself and tang look at how good it is right now and what's in front of you you know and i and i think i'm in the middle of doing that right now i've got four fantastic kids them is so fun to go home every day so there's there's a lot right in front of me that is is is just worth cherishing my guest is screenwriter and director paul thomas anderson is new film has called phantom thread we'll talk more after a break this is fresh air support for wnyc comes from farinelli on the king a new play by clear van kampen about the healing power of music starring mark rylance now on broadway the balasko theater through march 25th tickets at telecharge dot com.

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