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Welcome back at the sewed six, three drink minimum podcasts and. Who buddy? How about that? A blowout victory for the charges. It doesn't feel like those happen a lot, but I think what we saw is the best of all worlds for the chargers. We saw where the special teams really doesn't have to do anything. And when that happens, they're good. We saw what the defense should be or what I think what the defense was expected to be coming into the season as far as being able to generate pressure when they're one on one looks being the secondary being able to make plays on the ball and getting off the field. And then we saw the offense humming along rivers, not having to do too much rivers making plays giving guys chance to make plays running game, getting going, getting everybody involved in analogy, tyrel Williams note no Mike, Mike Williams today, but still saw lot lot lot of good things and it was a nice team win. So let's. Go through it and I think we have to start with Thai whale Williams in the only way to start off this podcast. The only way that I know how to start off this podcast would be is Tyrone Williams, the best receiver in the NFL. So Tara had four targets. He caught three of those targets for one hundred eighteen yards. Two touchdowns. Somebody said this daring, the game to me where the like James today with games, like how tyrel play today is gonna make it so tough to hop off the bandwagon just because he can go so many games where he just doesn't do anything it doesn't make plays, doesn't do. This today happens where he shows off at speed man shows off that some of his traits are unlike almost any other rec- reunion fell. Just he is that fast. He is at big. He's actually very, very quick with the bond, his hands too. So we saw him extend something that Tiro has had issues with is with him being as big as possible. He still doesn't like go up and get it, but that wasn't a problem today. We saw them go up and get it twice in the one where he extended was something that you would think would be natural for him on the touchdown where there was an obvious. False star call. Of course they didn't catch. They can call it still if you don't want him to score Stockton, knock the ball, his hands that didn't happen. Scored a touchdown in those are the type of place that man, if you can just get not even every game once every couple of game at a time that would make that would just make his value of so much in. It would help this team largest because they can get these underneath routes with Keenan Mike Williams and gates. But oh man, it was a, it was a hell of a game by tyrel in obviously, those aren't going to happen for probably December, but who cares got they got the kind of production they needed in. I'm sure it'll just give him a really big boost confidence in moving forward. You know, hopefully he can roll over. He can give give the team another another performance like that, but it was good to see from KIRO. So hats off to him. He probably he probably gets the game ball, going back the offense as a whole. Yeah, I thought out of the blocks. I really thought they had a really good game plan. The first drive, it seemed like. When with getting Okuno back with getting Russell Kun back left tackle that they were just going to, hey, let's see how good he is. Let's let's remind you how good years and they just they were running behind him and it wasn't like the traditional running, right, right off tackle behind him. It some sweeps got him on the move a little bit. They ransom reverses jet sweeps his way, but the first drive manages marched right down the field, no hesitation that are no resistance. And it was really nice to see..

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