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Life and I see 115111. This's what's happening. Cowardly, anonymous source is not a political They're literally playing politics in public. That latest update at the top and bottom of the check in 234 times today, there's more than we agree upon. That would disagree. Radio six Double B. A clock is ticking. Need more cowbells? As we are everyday at this time, we're joined by Nina Man Joni to find out what's going on on the interwebs wcbm dot com and the Wcbm Facebook page. How's it going? Great. Thank you. Derrick. First poll question of the Wcbm Facebook page. Very simple. Does President Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? More than Barack Obama did? Yes. No or not Sure, we'll see how Ah People answered that one some other headlines. It's like saying this Kobe Bryant deserve his scoring titles more than Ideo. Well, I didn't really windy scoring titles. I never shot a basket and pro basketball. So yeah, probably. How many wars was a mama? Did he have a son during his country's than anybody since FDR But hey, what is going to Dio? A lot of peace there. Well, here we have a local store. I thought this was an interesting one box. Baltimore does a great job with these says here. Law enforcement in Maryland believed hundreds of suspected members. Of the notorious M s 13 gang have set up shop across the state. Trying to spread fear through violence is good article there. In the General Assembly. Derek, you would think that Emma's thirteen's completely made up better yet. I mean, it's almost like down there. They wouldn't want to start a scholarship fund for some of these gang bangers because they really deny every time I would speak on the floor and some other Republican delegates and It meant a lot with the same old. Well, you guys just being racist. You're just trying to scare people. Yes, a cz. They kick a decapitated head under the desks and nobody sees it. And then there was a murder in Baltimore County just a few months back as well. And that's 13 related. But some other headlines here did you see, American Airlines announced that will allow their flight attendants to wear black lives? Matter pins when their uniforms check out that two other headlines these air both good news, but until after election day, you don't know if these are accurate or not. But Trump black boater boom could potentially cause spiting. The election is one of the headlines and the other headline here. Both link that wcbm dot com trumps growing. Support among Latinos threatens Biden's path to victory so we can check out all these stories at our website. Follow us on our Facebook and followers one or Wcbm Twitter page. Thank you. Thank you. Nino that's looking like, at least as of now course never spiked the football on the five yard line. But it looks as of now that the Trump Coalition could qualify for a best picture nomination. According to the new standards, I'm trying to think of like the perfect movie that could be nominated for best picture. Be like a story of an aboriginal transsexual who moves to Mexico City because they have a dream of opening up a taco shop in East ST Louis, and it follows the path there and, along the way falls in love with an androgynous being. Of no known origin. Oh, that's Oscar gold right there. My God! What they're doing to society is just Sick. All right. This story. I love NIMBY stories from Lefty's The Not in my backyard stories from lefties New York Times New York will move homeless men from liberal neighbourhood after backlash What? Why would they do Liberal people are upset that homeless people putting up homeless people in AA lot of posh hotels in Manhattan because they're antique is nobody's going to New York was like 36 states on the list from the New York State said You Come here. You gotta self quarantine from 14 days. Who wants to take of three week vacation so you can enjoy one week in New York, where everything is closed. And if you leave your hotel room, you could Possibly be beaten up shot, see something disgusting or whatever, but Nearly 300 homeless men who had been temporarily living in a hotel in the upper West Side of Manhattan will be relocated after weeks of backlash from some residents who said the men had diminished the quality of life in the upscale network. A neighborhood. The city has moved the mandala the Hotel Hotel, the Lucerne in July as a part of the effort to curb the spread of Corona virus in New York City's dormitory style homeless shelters. Overall, thousands of homeless men and women have been placed in area hotels, but A decision was met with particular blowback on the Upper West Side. You will not find a deeper blue area in the face of the earth than the upper West Side of Manhattan, becoming a test of values, where a largely white neighborhood with a reputation is one of the most liberal enclaves in New York. And elsewhere in the country. And a private Facebook group Upper West Siders for safer streets. Many commenters said that the men menaced pedestrians and urinated and defecated on the street. And that they used and sold drugs in the open. So what are these rich liberals Do this say? Get rid of this. Send it to poor minority neighborhoods were rich whitey, Don't you get it? Maybe they're all film producers. Maybe they're all members 50 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. But my God, it just shameless again. The left will never hold itself to the standards. They insist everyone else be held to under any circumstances. Some residents formed a nonprofit. You know you're dealing with a whole bunch of people with money when they got the time to do this, dedicate to this and then form a nonprofit to try and keep their names out of it. The Westside Community Organization and hired a lawyer and former deputy mayor Randy Mastro, who threatened to sue the city. These liberals are putting their money where their mouth is. What they're not doing..

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