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I wish that's why i wish i knew more what campingworld did so i could encourage people to go to their competitors that we have here other station and you're saying it's the mostly sell the fifth wheel vehicles and the rpr's themselves that they're not reich and that's why i didn't know of camping world met lake pitch a pump tete popped head of the wooded we give you the bunsen burner and here's the supplies that you need the roche march villaseca and a camping or if they're selling camper gap most of it is the senior toan behind the truck whether if there's more to it than that i i can't say that i know for sure but they definitely like their main thing he's the guy they bought out gander mountain also oh is that right yeah dan now remember that yes gander brought went into bankruptcy he bought those those all k i yet gander mountains at other place that we don't we don't have to go to either wrestle catholic they're out of business although he's got to reopen always going to they're actually have a going out of business sale under the old ownership and he's going to reopen them after that that's our and oic balanced better anyway so okay cabela's as it that has yet and who would you suggest than buying the rpf's from anybody else yeah i mean there's there's a couple of really strong places him in racine there's one down on highway sixty seven while roof counting there's there's some good options up okay anybody that isn't campingworld yes i'm serious i mean who by the nobody on trump's side is starting this as their wedding out there scouring look at a pick a fight with a business that back hillary clinton or that even has been critical of trump it's these people that a cake it at the next step and insulting un denigrating of culling or you're a big it in the case alone its idaho oh why your business and that's okay it's a stance they take because he now does for liberals that are ended ed fill all going patriots it's the same scam that that pens eastland ok but some of these people that.

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