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NPR news. I'm ari. Shapiro chang. From its hit show jersey shore to the video music awards. Mtv is all about youth culture in its many forms. And now it's branching out to network has announced a new documentary division, Sheila Nevins will lead it. She is eighty years old, and she is an institution in the world of documentary film, NPR's Elizabeth Blair joins us now with all the details. Hale is so okay for people who may not recognize her name. Tell us more about who Sheila Nevins is Sheila Nevins was the president of HBO documentary films. And she started there in nineteen seventy nine so before MTV was even born she grew up in the city, she went to Barnard and the Yale school of drama in the early sixties and as an executive producer. She's got a very broad palette. She's overseeing documentaries about artists and entertainers. But also serious topics like addiction and global terrorism. Some of her credits include citizen for the Edward Snowden documentary paradise lost about the west, Memphis three and more recently. She produced the true crime drama. The jinx about real estate heir Robert Durst family of Kathleen Durst from the beginning head said, they believed Robert Durst was responsible now that documentary which seemed fairly traditional had an ending that really threw people for a loop. And that unexpected edge is something Nevins is really known for finding subjects that appeal, but also experimenting with the form. Entity already has reality shows has news. So what's the thinking behind adding a whole other documentary division? What's the goal here? Well, first and foremost, they need to attract and keep young viewers on whatever platform they're on while they've made some award winning documentaries over the years. They've been in a rating slump until about a year ago. They're looking for something fresh and ducks are very popular right now MTV has also long projected, it's brand is being very civic minded thank rock the vote and it produced the documentary series sixteen and pregnant which looked at different issues facing a teenager who gets pregnant from Dopp Shen graduating high school. And so now it's looking to Sheila Nevins to bring her gravitas and middle skill to helping a new generation of filmmakers explored different platforms and stories. So I'm just going to say it out loud. Nevins just turned eighty MTV obviously caters to teens. Young adults young people what what is the thinking behind hiring someone like Nevins, she's eighty and she has got a lot of experience. I spoke with Christmas air. I spoke with Chris McCarthy president of MTV about this question. And the fact that Nevins is eighty years old does not seem to concern him in the slightest in fact to hear him tell it her experience is her superpower McCarthy who hired her said, he's admired Nevins ever since. He was a kid watching HBO's taxicab confessions, which is a gritty unscripted series of conversations between cab drivers and their customers. He said he loves that Nevins is committed to stories about the underdog and he wants his team to learn the craft of documentary filmmaking from her firsthand he wants her to help elevate the storytelling to new level on MTV. All right. Well, that's NPR arts. Correspondent Elizabeth Blair. Thanks. Thank you. The one month countdown starts today for soccer fans on June seventh the women's World Cup opens in France, the US. Favored to defend its title from the last tournament in two thousand fifteen if the women do win it would be their fourth World Cup championship. They have never finished lower than third since the women's tournament began in nineteen Ninety-one as NPR's Tom Goldman reports that success is in sharp contrast to the US men's team which struggles internationally. The last time the US women's national team played a month ago in Los Angeles. The Americans thumped Belgium six nail the lopsided win thrilled. The nearly twenty one thousand fans who packed.

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