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AM This suggested a somewhat cavalier attitude toward child-sex-abuse in the country or possibly the existence of a deeper scandal that included members of the government. This perhaps explains why the Portuguese police were so quick to blame the mccanns rather than and one of their own citizens but in order to explain why the British public would so quickly turn on the mccanns we have to think somewhat somewhat more esoteric tragedy makes us feel helpless. It reminds us that the world though often a place of beauty is equally equally a place of horror. It does not care about how we feel if people could blame the mccanns than they could convince themselves that the world would never or do the same thing to their child that by being more attentive parent you could guarantee that your child would never disappear. Additionally additionally when dealing with such a low evidence crime with no clear suspects there is no one to blame but the parents no one else to cast our anger onto on top of that. The mccanns have done everything they can to stay in the spotlight to make sure no one forgets about author daughter some members of the British public question. What makes them special but if they were in the parents position they might feel differently? Ultimately we have no answers for you. No one can tell you what happened to madeleine except for the person responsible but when it comes to the mccanns emotions need to be put aside to this day Madeleine has never been found. Her parents. Continue Tinubu the search operating a website called find Madeleine dot com asking for anyone with information to come forward..

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